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New England QSO Party

2017 Results

2017 New England QSO Party

by Tom Frenaye, K1KI -

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Propagation for the 2017 New England QSO Party was pretty good, much better than the previous year!   We received a total of  633 logs, up 32%.   There were 25 logs from DX stations, 21 from Canada, 414 from USA stations, and 177 from New England. The combined logs had 75,278 valid QSOs recorded!   

There were 684 different New England stations reported from all 67 New England counties. Logs showed that 136 stations were on from Connecticut, Massachusetts had 216, Maine 106, New Hampshire 119, Rhode Island 57, and Vermont 50. The toughest counties to work were Addison VT (9 QSOs), Orange VT (15), Washington VT (16), Lincoln ME (25) and Hancock ME (28).  Paul/N4PN, was able to work at least one station in each county.   Not far behind were Bob/WA1FCN with 63 counties, Frank/WA2VYA and Barry/N2BJ with 62, and Bob/WN1GIV with 61.


The good news during the 2017 NEQP is that the sun was pretty quiet, with no major flares or solar storm events.  There is a positive outcome with sunspots on the decline!  On the other hand, QSOs were few and far between on 15m and nearly impossible on 10m.

Solar K-index


Valid QSOs 80m 40m 20m 15m 10m
QSOs made by W1s 6,371 19,392 25,248 310 17
Different stations worked 726 3,078 4,909 90 12
QSOs made by non-W1s 3,132 9,860 11,181 184 0
Different stations worked 108 230 473 43 0


Mobile activity was a little muted this time, but two serious efforts covered a lot of ground.  We're working to generate some additional activity in 2018.  

Jay/W1UJ was at the controls of NZ1U/m and made QSOs from 35 counties, with 867 QSOs for 110k points - wow!    That's the most counties a single operator mobile has ever operated from in the NEQP.

NZ1U/m (W1UJ)

What a super fun radio weekend in the great (still showing some) white North!    Congrats to the top notch NEQP/m effort of the WA1Z team.

We had very low amount of time for implementation, or what we did have for time may not have been used correctly..

The 'Contest Caddy' used for 2012, 14, 15, and 16's NEQP MultiOp Mobile efforts was going to take a break this year in favor of the brand-new 2017 Chevy Equinox SUV, or, the Blue-Ox.  Our 5th year, cool!   A Class 2 trailer hitch was procured and installed as the primary antenna mount along with a Harbor-Freight 500# steel Hitch mounted luggage rack.

Using the luggage rack to mount both the Hustler mast/resonator and the Hi-Sierra motor-tuned antenna.  Right in the middle was an official WRTC-2014 Honda 2KW Generator used by a top 10 team!  ;)  Sooooo... we tried High Power.  Using a Tokyo Hy-Power SS KW amplifier and having the Hustler 'Super' resonators picked up recently we hit the road....

One would think that tons of time is necessary to engineer an effort like QRO mobile radio contest operating, but you may be mistaken! We tested the antennas around 17Z, or ~3 hours before the start!  But the road plan had us -way- North for the start and much ground to cover. We hit the road.   It worked!

It was not trouble free. (SHOCKER!) The biggest issue was that the operator could not touch the 'touch pad' mouse on the laptop while transmitting or the laptop would lose comms and CW to the K3.. Also, the sent CW must have sounded horrible as we could not get the CW weight to work through the serial port CW on the K3 it was with HP or LP didn't make a difference- sending a bit
slower helped.  The amp was not used much, if there was a 5-cq or so lull, turn drive down to 20w and throw amp in. It would run about 400w with comfort, until nearing the end and we activated SuffolkMA, we were @900w comfortably.  That generator was working vy hard! Called CQ on SSB even 1 answer..... Everythingheld quite nicely. (DO NOT touch that mouse pad!)

Used N1MM+ Logger to send CW through the USB serial port- this was only on Saturday, on Sunday, the decision was made to introduce a WinKeyer which was a good move. Still cannot touch the mouse-pad when TX'n or the Rig and the Winkeyer would drop....

One of the goals was to be home Saturday night.  The hub of the Barnstormers is NE CT and we wanted to operate North... starting and ending in the well-covered WORMA.  Another goal was to cover the 'least covered' counties of 2016.  The missed/forgotten factor was that Team WA1Z wasn't there in '16, and their counties were open in 2016, but they are back in it for '17.  On Saturday
night after many requests for SUFMA  we knew there was coverage in the north ME counties and we were heading to SUFMA since it seems there may have not been activity there with many asking about it again on Sunday morning.

N1WK =  "It's not the (Contest) Caddy" in reference to the Blue Ox. Trade offs for superior luxury, powerful engine... etc... etc... is good gas mileage and lots of cabin room....   The Caddy will likely be re-commissioned in future efforts!  Just need a trailer hitch.  It seems that a couple-hundred
horsepower and luxury seats and operating position is worth the ~5 MPG sacrifice....

For Saturday the goal was to catch COONH FRAVT GRAVT.  GRAVT is way up there, and we went to the top NW corner of it and headed South right through GRAVT and making it through while it was still daylight out.

COONH   10
ESSVT   15
CALVT   14
ORLVT   14
LAMVT   19
FRAVT   63
GRAVT   54
CHIVT   34
WASVT   16
ORAVT   18
WNDVT   25
SULNH   10
WNHVT   14
FRAMA   11
HMPMA   1 QSO   :(
HMDMA   20
WORMA   145

Sunday was the same we looked at least covered counties, but changed things a bit to cover the requested SUFMA

WORMA-  145 QSOs
MIDMA   36
ESSMA   37
ROCNH   32
MERNH   22
BELNH   10
STRNH   27
CARNH   27
YORME   29
CUMME   31
ANDME   13
KENME   17
LINME   19
SAGME   15
SUFMA   67
MIDMA   36
WORMA  145

Another learning experience and many mental notes that are likely to be forgotten next year, but we look forward to it and it is a considerable amount of fun. More band changes.. Tightening up complete antenna/coax systems...etc... the normal things... same as last year....

Rock star award to N1WK for powering through with the driving getting us home safely.
Saturday 707 miles
Sunday 509 miles
Average speed 54.3 MPH
34.0 MPG Best 50 mile run
Average fuel economy 26.6 MPG

Thanks to The Barnstormer fixed team of NB1U and NR1X, while putting in their own significant NEQP efforts and tracking the NZ1U/m team and notifying the masses where we were. Also to the Cap'n KB1H(sk) for getting us all together.

Thanks to all of the 'Regulars' that follow the /m's through the counties, you guys make it worth it for everyone.  A few pics and vids here;


The Barnstormers

Bob/WA1Z/m operated with Kurt/W6PH and Bill/K1GQ in a multi-single mobile effort, making 961 QSOs for 126k points.  They would have had an even bigger total but lost an estimated 150+ of QSOs due to computer problems..  

WA1Z/m (+W6PH K1GQ)

Thanks to everyone whofollowed us around this weekend!
After a one year hiatus (my wife and I had an opportunity to do a multi-day hike in the Grand Canyon at this time last year that killed NEQP operations), W6PH and I hit the road again for the fifth time.  This year, K1GQ joined the team making the operation a Multi-Single.  As usual, Kurt did all of the
driving while Bill and I alternated operating counties.
Congratulations to the NZ1U Barnstormers Mobile team!!! What an incredible job putting together a brand new kind of operation! It's always fun to try something new in a contest.

2008 Honda CRV
Elecraft K3, 100 watts, powered from car battery
Bill and I logged separately on non-networked computers.
Two Hustler MO-2 54-inch masts mounted on hatchback door secured by a homebrew roof rack harness   One Hustler MO-4 22-inch mast mounted on mag mount, guyed to roof rack just
to add a little more security.  Hustler RM-model resonators and DX Engineering Capacity Hats for 80 through 15 Meters.

This year, we set up a K3 on a small homebrew desk in the middle of the backseat.  Bill and I sat on either side of it.  We each brought our own WinKeyer and, through a Y-adapter, connected both to the K3, so that we each could transmit without having to fuss with changing cables. This made for seamless county transitions, but also made it really easy for us to accidentally hit F-keys when the _other_ guy was doing the operating.  Oops.

Mobile Contesting was a new experience for Bill.  My goal was to make sure he operated as much or as little as he wanted.  And for much of the weekend, I kept under-estimating which counties would have better rate than others and was desperately trying to line up alternating counties so Bill could
experience some fun county changes.  In general, I think I oversold Bill on how "exciting" county changes were going to be.  I kept reminiscing about fun, 30-minute-long high rates from rare Maine counties from yesteryear that never materialized this weekend.  Instead, we usually got 3 minutes of
mayhem working the same 12-15 folks, then wore-out the F1 key until the next county change. Oh well.

Best DX was to JA on 20.  And it was a real treat having XO1X (thanks Gerry!) call in from YT.   Somehow, we missed UT and WY (not enough S&Ping in 7QP) and SD.


Bob WA1Z

Thanks to all of the mobiles!

USA/VE/DX Results

Check here for detailed results -->  Score detail 
and for band-by-band info for the leaders -->  Band-by-band

USA outside New England

Frank/WA2VYAPaul/N4PN from Georgia kept his streak of wins going with 256 CW and 267 SSB QSOs in all 67 counties for 52,193 points in the single operataor high power category.  Second place was earned by Bob/N4BP in Florida operating WN1GIV.  Bob had 282 CW QSOs in  61 counties.   John/K4BAI came in third with 208 CW and 77 SSB QSOs in 59 counties from Georgia.   Frank/WA2VYA edged into fourth place with a great effort from Texas, with 62 counties in the log and 285 QSOs.

The rest of the top ten SOHP scores came from the TN-OH-PA area with John/N8UM in TN, Dave/KE8M in Ohio, Jim/AD4EB in TN, Bud/AA3B in PA, Nat/K1GU in TN, and Dave/N3XF in PA with 160-226 QSOs and 46-53 counties.   Hank/W6SX submitted the best west coast score with 128 QSOs in 51 counties for 13,056 points from California, and Bob/W1RH with 139 QSOs in 45 counties.  SOHP records were set by Bud/AA3B(PA), Glenn/KE4KY@KY4NA(KY), Frank/WA2VYA(TX), Jeff/KG7CW(ID), Dave/KA6BIM(OR), and Dave/KE8M(OH).                                                                    Frank/WA2VYA

In the single operator low power category, Bob/WA1FCN in Alabama came out on top with 32,445 points with 187 CW and 141 SSB contacts in 63 counties.  Paul/W8TM wasn't far behind with 255 QSOs and 59 counties for 26,845 points from Ohio.   Dave/WN4AFP put in a good effort from South Carolina for third place 19,332 points, followed by Shelby/K4WW in Kentucky, and Ed/N4VV in Tennessee.   

Sixth through ninth places went to Tennessee (Joel/NA4K and Dick/N4ARO), followed by Ed/KJ4LTA in Alabama, and Clyde/K9JWI in Indiana.   Ed/W5TM in Oklahoma worked 140 stations in 42 counties for 11,760 points for a tenth place finish and the best from the west.  SOLP records were set by Shelby/K4WW(KY), Dave/WN4AFP(SC), Ed/W5TM(OK), Wayne/K2DT(AZ), Bill/K0VBU(KS), and John/AE5S(NE)

Dick/N7XU/m (K4XU) worked 42 stations during his 7QP effort from Oregon, and Ted/W8UE/m provided nearly 100 QSOs from his mobile efforts in the Indiana QP and then on the way home mobile from Ohio and Michigan, and the Ohio score was a new record.         

Vic/K9UIY again dominated the single operator QRP category with 160 CW QSOs in 42 counties for 15,680 points.   Richard/K4KRW from North Carolina finished second and Tom/K3TW from Florida earned third place.  SOQRP records were set by Dave/K2ZC(NJ), Mark/NX1K(WI), and Jim/WB0IWG(ND).   

N2BJThe multi-operator category was led by Barry/N2BJ from Illinois with 232 CW and 146 SSB QSOs, working 62 counties for a 37,820 point score and new state record.   The San Diego Contest Club station NX6T finished second with 16,060 points, and the K0OO team from Maryland was just behind with 16,006 points.  NJ1F set a new MS record from NY, as did K0OO/MD, K7N(NV), K7JR(OR), and AK7O(UT).           Barry/N2BJ ->


VA7STBob/VE3KZ turned in the top SOHP effort with 16,536 points from 169 mostly CW QSOs and 52 counties worked.  VE9AA was a close second at 16,200 points and Claude/VE2FK set a new Quebec record with 12,604 points.   

In the low power category, Harry/VA3EC's 11,904 points earned the top score for the third year in a row.  Fred/VE7IO and Bud/VA7ST set new high and low power records from British Columbia.  Nice to have our first entry from the Yukon with Gerry/W1VE operating from XO1X (VY1JA).



Dietmar/DL3DXX made 109 QSOs in 42 counties for 9,156 points from Germany for the top score in the high power category.   Jonathan/G0MVJ at M4J led the low power DX entries with 94 QSOs and 45 counties for 7,920 points.  

Mac/JO7KMB has the new record from Japan with 18 QSOs.  Logs also came from three countries for the first time, thanks to David/EI5KG from Ireland, Steve/TI8/AA8HH from Costa Rico, and Lars/KP4/KE1J from Puerto Rico.

For a full list of current records -->  Records

New England Results                  

AF1T and W1MKY The single operator high power entries were led by Dale/AF1T from NH with 1827 SSB QSOs and 111 multipliers for 202,797 points.  Dale has been near the top several times but this is his first win.  Dale is in the photo to the right doing a seminar on microwaves, along with Mickie/W1MKY.   Not far behind were Joe/K1JB in Maine with 176,085, Al/W1FJ from MA with 171,200, and Alan/K6DTT operating remote from Maine with 166,314 points.   Each of the top four had more than 1,000 QSOs.

Four of the next six SOHP scores were from Connecticut, with Tom/K1KI in fifth place, Allan/NR1X close behnd, then Pete/W1RM, followed by Mark/K1RO from NH, Dave/K1ZZ, and Dennis/W1UE from MA.

For those operating low power, Dan/W1QK was the one who finished at the top.  He had 91,392 points from 732 mostly CW QSOs and 64 multipliers from CT.  Next was Dave/K1KA in NHwith 79,638 points in an all SSB effort, then Karl/K1KX from RI just behind him with  77,854.   Rick/N1DC in MA was next at 76032 and Ed/K1TR with 69,626 points from NH.

The next five SOLP stations were close behind with Jeff/WC4E operating N2AN near Boston, Jim/KS1J from tough to work Bristol  County RI, Bruce/W1CVE, Don/K2KQ at K1MVY on Martha's Vineyard, and Rick/WW1ME from down east Maine.

N1IXDave/N1IX led all of the QRP stations with 54,636 points from 471 CW QSOs and 58 multipliers from NH.  Dave/K1VUT was close behind at 47,340 points from SE MA and in third place was Bill/W1WBB from RI with 24,750.

The competition was close in the multi-operator single transmitter category.  John/W1XX (+ Bob/K1XA) had 308,556 points from 784 CW and 1289 SSB contacts, with 108 multipliers, edging out the group at K1TTT using the NE1QP callsign in western MA.  They had 891 CW and 961 SSB QSOs, and also 108 multipliers, for 296,244 points, while third place went to K2LE in Vermont with 197,748 points (and they had 108 multipliers also!).                                                                                     Dave/N1IX ->

Here are Dan/W1QK, Harlan/W1QH, Marcus/AB1WV, and Roger/NG1R who operated from W1AW during the 2017 NEQP.

Check here for detailed New England results -->  Score detail                                                                      
and for band-by-band leaders -->  Band-by-band

There were twenty two New England records set from home stations in various categories, plus another forty by mobiles. Check out the NEQP records page for details  --Records

Club Competition

The Tennessee Contest Group earned the top club score, with John/N8UM, Jim/AD4EB and Bob/N4VV leading the effort.   There were fourteen clubs from outside of New England with at least five entries - that's the most ever.

Non-New England Club Scores

Club Count Score
Tennessee Contest Group 14 140,881
Potomac Valley Radio Club 21 122,369
Society of Midwest Contesters 17 98,987
Florida Contest Group 13 79,480
Alabama Contest Group 8 70,550
Northern California Contest Club 20 62,346
Frankford Radio Club 11 58,983
Georgia Contest Group 2 52,860
South East Contest Club 7 51,317
Contest Club Ontario 8 49,495
Kentucky Contest Group 5 31,832
Kansas City Contest Club 4 28,500
Mad River Radio Club 2 27,087
Central Texas DX and Contest Club 3 26,388
Swamp Fox Contest Group 3 26,292
Southern California Contest Club 6 22,714
Minnesota Wireless Association 6 19,641
Maritime Contest Club 2 19,448
Yankee Clipper Contest Club 4 18,989
Metro DX Club 3 18,118
North Coast Contesters 3 17,598
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club 9 16,800
San Diego Contest Club 1 16,060
Carolina DX Association 1 12,878
Contest Group du Quebec 1 12,604
Allegheny Valley Radio Association 1 11,280
Orca DX and Contest Club 3 10,938
Dallas Ft Worth Contest Group 4 10,746
Deep Dixie Contest Club 2 10,523
Bavarian Contest Club 2 10,396
MVDX/CC 1 8,736
L'Anse Creuse Amateur Radio Club 1 7,585
Big Sky Contesters 5 7,300
Fauquier Amateur Radio Association 1 7,056
Kentucky Radio Operators 1 6,324
Western Washington DX Club 3 6,206
Willamette Valley DX Club 5 6,158
DELARA Contest Team 1 5,676
Bergen Amateur Radio Association 1 5,530
Central Oregon DX Club 3 5,177
Lebanon Valley Society of Radio Amateurs 1 4,572
Fort Smith Area Amateur Radio Club 1 4,554
Mother Lode DX/Contest Club 2 4,288
QSY Society 1 3,968
Murgas arc 1 3,564
Yukon Canam Contest Club  1 3,540
Thracian Rose Club 1 3,360
Iowa DX and Contest Club 1 3,240
West Allis Radio Amateurs Club 1 3,200
Loudoun Amateur Radio Group 1 3,190
SP Contest Club 1 2,916
Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation 1 2,883
Niagara Frontier Radiosport 1 2,880
SP-DX-Club 1 2,730
VERON 1 2,652
XE-Dxers 1 2,288
USS Wisconsin Radio Club 1 2,214
Radio Club of Redmond 1 2,160
Deutsch Amateur Radio Club 1 2,050
RCC 1 2,044
Utah DX Association 2 1,566
North Fulton Amateur Radio League 2 1,440
Arrow 1 1,428
Synton Amateur Radio Club 1 1,426
Daviess County Amateur Radio Club 1 1,357
Fox Cities ARC 1 1,092
Cleveland Amateur Radio Club 1 1,050
Chesapeake Amateur Radio Service 1 903
Radiosport Manitoba 2 758
Badger Contesters 1 720
AVRA 1 714
The Dent County Raiders 1 608
Fort Smith Area ARC 1 558
Pottstown Area Amateur Radio Club 1 494
South Texas DX and Contest Club 1 408
Madison County Amateur Radio Club 1 220
W/K ARC 1 220
Daviess County Amateur Radio Club 1 210
Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club 1 99
Colorado QRP Club 1 98
Ventura County Amateur Radio Society 1 84
DCT Amateur Radio Club 1 77
Coyote Amateur Radio Club 1 66
CTRI Contest Group 1 50
CSU Pitesti 1 8
Nor DX Club 1 1

New England Club Scores

Club Entries Score
Yankee Clipper Contest Club 59 3,414,835
CTRI Contest Group 11 596,912
Contoocook Valley Radio Club 2 202,907
The Barnstormers Contest Group 2 158,886
Hampden County Radio Association 8 131,684
MassRadio 1 87,424
Cheshire County DX Amateur Radio Club 3 75,777
Merrymeeting Amateur Radio Association 2 64,176
Vineyard Amateur Radio Association 1 53,120
Green Mountain Wireless Society 1 31,680
Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont 1 31,620
Meriden Amateur Radio Club 3 26,766
Eastern Connecticut Amateur Radio Association 1 25,100
Nashua Area Radio Club 1 20,900
Saint Albans Amateur Radio Club 1 18,576
Newport County Radio Club 2 17,866
Preston Contest and DX Society 1 15,512
Aroostook Amateur Radio Assoc 1 7,518
Signals, Summits, and Suds 1 5,282
Granite State Amateur Radio Association  3 3,122
Harvard Wireless Club 1 2,408
Greater Norwalk Amateur Radio Club 1 1,102
Tri City DX Asociation 1 644
Central New Hampshire Amateur Radio Club 1 390
West River Radio Club 1 238
Hop River Radio Club 1 42

County activity

County  QSOs Stations
  Fairfield 719 22
  Hartford 1703 35
  Litchfield 93 10
  Middlesex 168 7
  New Haven 744 26
  New London 1214 13
  Tolland 1121 10
  Windham 892 13
  Barnstable 158 12
  Berkshire 1104 5
  Bristol 739 15
  Dukes 333 2
  Essex 772 13
  Franklin 132 10
  Hampden 542 21
  Hampshire 188 12
  Middlesex 2651 52
  Nantucket 90 4
  Norfolk 975 18
  Plymouth 1210 20
  Suffolk 59 4
  Worcester 890 28
  Androscoggin 64 5
  Aroostook 126 6
  Cumberland 1217 18
  Franklin 131 3
  Hancock 28 4
  Kennebec 145 11
  Knox 60 5
  Lincoln 25 6
  Oxford 414 5
  Penobscot 107 5
  Piscataquis 117 6
  Sagadahoc 69 6
  Somerset 36 2
  Waldo 260 8
  Washington 712 7
  York 101 9
New Hampshire
  Belknap 108 4
  Carroll 381 8
  Cheshire 328 8
  Coos 113 5
  Grafton 258 4
  Hillsborough 464 31
  Merrimack 338 19
  Rochingham 1471 22
  Strafford 243 8
  Sullivan 617 10
Rhode Island
  Bristol 322 7
  Kent 753 13
  Newport 645 12
  Providence 162 15
  Washington 767 10
  Addison 9 5
  Bennington 549 5
  Caledonia 46 3
  Chittenden 325 6
  Essex 114 2
  Franklin 153 2
  Grand Isle 186 2
  Lamoille 382 4
  Orange 15 2
  Orleans 402 3
  Rutland 154 4
  Washington 16 3
  Windsor 103 3
  Windham 492 6


Digital (Adobe PDF) certificates will be emailed to everyone who made at least 25 QSOs.  If you want a paper certificate, please let us know.   We're looking forward to seeing you again during the 2018 NEQP !!

Plaques and Special Awards

Special plaques have been awarded to these top scorers:

Category  Donor Winner
USA - single operator Yankee Clipper Contest Club Paul Newberry, N4PN
USA - single operator low power Dave Sumner, K1ZZ,  in memory of Laci Radnay, W1PL Bob Beaudoin WA1FCN
USA - single operator QRP Vern Brownell, W1VB Vic Shields, K9UIY
USA - single opr (W5-W6-W7-W0) Huckleberry Mountain Contest Club Frank Widmann, WA2VYA
USA - single op (W2-W3-W8-W9) Steve Moynihan, W3SM Paul Kirley, W8TM
USA - single opr low power (W2-W3-W8-W9) Whit Carter, K1EO Bill Sheehan, KB3LIX
USA - single opr low power - W7 Michael Therrien, N1MD Michael Steene, W7GF
USA - W4 - any category Gerry Hull, W1VE ex AK4L Bob Patten, N4BP (WN1GIV)
USA - California/Nevada Calif QSO Party - Northern California Contest Club San Diego Contest Club - NX6T
USA - multi operator - single transmitter Will and Pam Angenent, K6ND/K6NDV Barry Cohem, N2BJ
USA - single operator - CW only K1EL Keyers Bob Patten, WN1GIV (N4BP)
USA - single operator QRP                              (AR-LA-MS-TN) Steve Kercel, AA4AK Ron Duncan, W4UT
Canada - single operator  high power Chris Terkla, N1XS Bob Nash, VE3KZ
Canada - single operator low power Gerry Hull, W1VE/VE1RM Harry Kosterman, VA3EC
DX - single operator Yankee Clipper Contest Club Dietmar Kasper, DL3DXX
DX - single operator low power Pete Chamalian, W1RM, in memory of John Thompson, W1BIH/PJ9JT Jonathan Mitchener, M4J/G0DVJ
Clean Sweep - Not First, but Farthest Dennis Egan, W1UE Paul Newberry, N4PN
Golden Log - no errors Jim Spears, N1NK Vic Shields, K9UIY
Top Club Florida Contest Group Tennessee Contest Group
New England - single operator Yankee Clipper Contest Club Dale Clement, AF1T
New England - single operator - low power Dave Hoaglin, K1HT Dan Fegley, W1QK
New England - single operator - QRP Blackstone Valley Amateur Radio Club Dave LeDuc, N1IX
New England - mobile Boston Amateur Radio Club Jay Corriveau, NZ1U/m (W1UJ)
New England - mobile - multi-single Brian Szewczyk, NJ1F, in memory of James Szewczyk, WB1EYM Bob Raymond, WA1Z/m (+K1GW W6PH, oprs)
New England - County Expedition Award Huckleberry Mountain Contest Club Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont, W1NVT (W1SJ, KB1WXM, oprs), oprs)
New England - multi-single Tom Frenaye, K1KI Downeast Contesters & DXers - NE1QP (K1MK W1TO NJ1F, oprs)
New England - school club Chris Terkla, N1XS Harvard Wireless Club - W1AF (KK4UHK, W1PL, KD2MAI, oprs)
New England  - single operator - CW only Andy Bodony, K2LE Al Rousseau, W1FJ
New England  - single operator - SSB only Fred Reed, KK1KW, and Woody Beckford,  WW1WW Alan Fields, K6DTT
Connecticut - single operator high power Candlewood ARA Tom Frenaye, K1KI
Connecticut - single operator low power Dick Pechie, KB1H, memorial sponsored by the Barnstormers (NZ1U) Ed Shekleton, K1ZE
Maine - single operator  Larry Banks, W1DYJ Joe Blinick, K1JB
Maine - single operator low power Augusta Amateur Radio Assn Rick Lindquist, WW1ME
Massachusetts - single operator Framingham Amateur Radio Association Al Rousseau, W1FJ
Massachusetts - single operator low power Chuck Counselman, W1HIS Rick Pendleton, N1DC
Massachusetts - Hampden County - single operator Hampden County Radio Assn Chris Scibelli, NU1O
New Hampshire - single operator  Mark Pride, K1RX Mark Wilson, K1RO
New Hampshire - single operator low power Jim Poulette, WQ2H Dave Mackay, K1KA
New Hampshire - multi operator  Nat Lee,N1BNC, and Dan Norman, N0HF Nat Lee, N1BNC (+ Dan Norman, N0HF)
Rhode Island - single operator   CTRI Contest Group Karl Wherry, K1KX
Vermont - single operator  Bob Raymond, WA1Z Brian Machesney, K1LI
Vermont - single operator low power West River Radio Club Zach Manganello, K1ZK
New England Club Yankee Clipper Contest Club CTRI Contest Group

If you'd like to sponsor a new plaque for 2018, please contact us at

Special Awards

The top USA (non-New England) single operator winner:

The Framingham Amateur Radio Association has donated a Lobster dinner for two from Legal Seafood of Boston to the USA single operator (non-New England) winner.  

For 2017 the winner was
Paul Newberry, N4PN!  

Log checking

The log checking process found some mistakes, here and there. There were 633 logs overall, a huge 32% increase over 2016, with 469 in electronic format (99%) and only 7 on paper.    The best operators have error rates in <3% range.   For non-New England stations, cross checking was possible on 22,742 of the 25,883 QSOs reported (87.9%).  For New England stations, cross checking was possible on 28,440 of the 53,831 QSOs reported (52.8%).  

Logging Software

N1MM introduced N1MM Logger+ and more than half of their users switched to the new version, plus a few additional users. N3FJP and Writelog software were still next in the list with another 20 others, none exceeding ten users.  Thanks to WA7BNM for adding the NEQP to his list of supported contests

Logging Software Used Entries QSOs
N1MM Logger+  341 48,851
N3FJP 92 7,322
WriteLog 28 4,926
N1MM Logger 27 3,541
Win-Test 4 1,017 3 656
SD 3 612
WA7BNM Web2Cabrillo 15 495
GenLog 12 404
JL 2 397
TR Log POST 3 337
SkookumLogger 4 306
TR4W 3 211
other 28 1,274


You can get a real feel for the contest by going through the various "Soapbox" comments from the big guns, the little guns and everyone in between.  



Thanks to everyone who made QSOs and to those who sent in logs in 2017.  We're making plans for 2018 and hope you'll join us on May 5th and 6th for the next running of the NEQP!!