Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2003 12:09:02 -0400
To: *** YCCC *** <>
From: Tom Frenaye <>
Subject: NEQP hints

A suggestion for increasing your score in the New England QSO Party, especially for those in New England.

  -->>> Don't forget to work people operating in other contests that are running on the same weekend!

You will no doubt run into people in the Italian DX contest, the Indiana QSO Party and the Mobile Amateur Radio Awards Club (MARAC) CW contest - all on the same weekend (May 3-4).    You could even try to do single operator four contests (SO4C)...

[2012 note: the MARAC moved to a different date, and the 7QP is now on this weekend]

The NEQP activity on CW will center around 3540 7040 14040 21040 28040 and for SSB on 3880 7280 14280 21380 28380.  In reality, most daytime activity is on 20m, with some 15m and little 10m.  Late afternoon/evening/night time activity is on 40 and 80m.

You'll find Indiana QSO Party activity (from the NEQP start at 20Z until 05Z early Sunday morning) centered on 3540 7040 14040 21040 28040 also, and SSB on 3850 7230 14.250 21300 28450.   Don't miss the Indiana multiplier!   Even more, go ahead and work all of them you hear.   The exchange for you is the same (NE county and state) and they will send their county/state.   If you log their county, you can even send in a log of your Indiana QSOs for the Indiana QP - they'd like that!   While you don't get extra NEQP points for working an Indiana mobile station in different counties (it just counts as a duplicate), you will count as another QSO for them if they are in a new county.

The MARAC contest runs all weekend, so you may find activity throughout the NEQP.   Their focus is on counties across the country so your QSO will be welcomed.  If you copy their county in your log you can send an entry in as well.   They have quite a few mobiles and would love to work NE counties.   As with the Indiana QP, you can work mobiles in new counties but they just count as a duplicate for you unless they've gone into a new state - last year a number of them went to multiple states!

You will also hear stations active in the ARI (Italian) DX contest (from the NEQP start until 20Z Sunday afternoon).   Most of them will be from Italy, of course, so don't miss putting Italy in your log as a DX multiplier.   The exchange is signal report and serial number.   Past experience is that there is a lot more SSB than CW activity but there will be some on both modes.  There is worldwide activity so you may snag some other good multipliers as well.

There's even a 10-10 CW contest running that same weekend.   You can work 10-10 members or non-members on 10m CW for contest credit if you get their QTH.  If you have a 10-10 number they'll get more points for your QSO.  

So, see if you can handle a contest within a contest.   It may help out if the rates start to slow down.  Try the NEQP and Indiana QP (or SO2C - single operator two contests).   Or go for SO3C and work some Italians as well, or even try SO4C and catch some MARAC mobiles.   Only truly crazy contesters will make some 10-10 CW QSOs and accomplish an SO5C weekend.  It may never have been done before...

Oh yes, if you're operating mobile in New England, you can work those Indiana QP, MARAC CW and Italian DX folks again and again as you change counties...   You should be busy.

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        -- Tom/K1KI

New England QSO Party - May 3-4, 2003

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