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New England QSO Party

2015 Results

2015 New England QSO Party

by Tom Frenaye, K1KI -

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Thanks for another successful New England QSO Party weekend in 2015 - we received 414 logs, with 38 from DX stations, 13 from Canada, 224 from the USA, and 139 from New England.  The combined logs had 61,100 QSOs included!

There were 421 different New England stations reported from 66 of the 67 New England counties - no one was on from Martha's Vineyard (Dukes County).  Three stations managed to work 66 counties - Paul/N4PN, Bob/WN1GIV, and Charlie/NF4A.   Bob/WA1FCN worked 64 counties using low power as did Chris/K5LH with 63.   Vic/K9UIY logged 61 with his QRP entry, and Dima/UA3AGW found 61 from his Moscow location. 


There were no big storms during the 2015 NEQP but it wasn't completely clear sailing either.  Propagation is always best when the K-index is at 0 and it hovered at 2-3 for most of the contest period.   This led to poorer east-west conditions but the stations from the southeastern USA seemed to have the best of it all.  Even so, totals on 15 and 10 meters were down considerably as sunspots also declined.

Solar K-index


Valid QSOs 80m 40m 20m 15m 10m
QSOs made by W1s 2,882 15,675 21,064 2,537 63
Different stations worked 394 2,180 4,019 743 45
QSOs made by non-W1s 1,065 5,685 8,865 873 3
Different stations worded 81 191 364 113 3


NZ1U/m was the callsign used in the Barnstormers Contest Group's multi-operator mobile effort, with Jay/W1UJ and Kim/N1WK on a long distance trip through 32 counties in four states, smashing the record they set last year by visiting 9 additional counties and increasing their score by 14%. Oh yes, they set record scores in 17/32 counties as well.

WA1Z and KM3T at WRTC2014:


Bob/WA1Z/m and his driver Kurt/W6PH made QSOs from 22 counties and came close to his own record with more than 1400 QSOs, but fell just a bit short of besting his low poer mobile record set in 2013.  His QSO total was the highest of any stations in the NEQP.

Other active mobiles included Jeff/WC4E operating K1M/m through 21counties in much of MA, some of SW New Hampshuire and most counties in Vermont.   This was Jeff's first trip through much of New England after moving to the Boston area.  Dave/KM3T/m took the time to tour 15 counties, Dick/N1RLR/m parked on the state line of MA/NH and gave out one county in each state, while Roger/W3US/m found a quiet spot in NW CT to spend time on the side of the road handing out QSOs.   

Outside of New England, Dave/N9FN/m and Mel/KJ9C/m made a bunch of W1 QSOs while they participated in the Indiana QSO Party, and Dick/K4XU operated N7XU/m in Oregon for the 7QP doing the same.

Thanks to all of the mobiles!

USA/VE/DX Results

Check here for detailed results -->  Score detail 
and for band-by-band info for the leaders -->  Band-by-band

USA outside New England

Paul/N4PN finished first in the ingle operator high power category once again, but his 504 QSOs and 66 counties (51,546 points) were challenged closely by second place finisher Bob/N4BP who operated as WN1GIV and worked 444 stations in 66 counties for 49,962 points.  Bob was just 15 CW QSOs or 30 SSB QSOs behind Paul.  Charlie/NF4A pulled in third with 348 QSOs and 66 counties and 38,412 points.  All three missed working Dukes CountyMA (Marthas Vineyard) where there was no activity for the first time in a NEQP.   

The southeast was the place to be in 2015 as Hal/N4GG came in fourth in the high power category.  Bob/K2DSW secured fifth place from Iowa, and Bob/K5KPE was 8th out of Arkansas.  Bud/AA3B grabbed ninth place from close-in Pennsylvania, while Hank/W6SX was the top west coast participant, coming in 12th. 



Bob/WA1FCN in Alabama topped the single operator low power scorers with 397 QSOs and 64 counties worked for an even 40,000 points.  That was just eight CW scores short of the record set by WN1GIV the previous year.  Chris/K5LH from Texas was close behind for second place, followed by Paul/W8TM, Steve/NA4K and Mark/KI0I.  Steve/NA4K also earned the distinction of having the largest number of QSOs with no errors in his log, earning the Golden Log plaque again this year.

Vic/K9UIY continued his dominance of the QRP category with 228 QSOs and 61 counties, improving on his score from the previous year.  Dave/WN4AFP and Ron/W4UT grabbed the second and third place positions.

The San Diego Contest Club team at NX6T led the multi-single entries with 197 QSOS in 52 counties, up from their 2014 score.


Claude/VE2FK doubled his 2014 effort with the top single operator high power score and another Quebec record with 10,948 points) while Alan/VA1MM had 10,500 points to come in first among the low power entries.  


UA3AGWDima/UA3AGW operated through some tough conditions to earn the top DX single operator high power spot from his Moscow location, with 218 QSOs, 61 New England counties and 26,047 points.   

He was followed in second place by Jan/SM5DJZ from Sweden with 15,168, then George/UA6LCN with 14,256 points..   

Sam/LY5W from Lithuania was the low power leader with 221 QSOs, 60 counties and 24,840 points (a new low power DX record), followed by Axel/DL6KVA from Germany with 10,584 points.  



A number of new records were set, and a couple of logs came in from countries we hadn't received logs from before.  

Asians Andrei/RZ0AF, Yoshi/JA9CWJ and Mehmet/TA5FA all beat their own previoous high power records with their 2015 scores.   Eurpean high power records were set by Jarmo/OH2BN, Chris/LA8OM, and Jack/YO3GNF, and low power records by Dimitar/LZ2FM, Marco/I1EIS, and Michal/OM3DX.

set a new record from Mexico as well.

For a full list of current records -->  Records

New England Results

K1GQ:                   K1GQ
Bill/K1GQ earned the top spot amoung the single operator high power operators.  His 1110 CW QSOs and 94 multipliers built a 208,680 score.  Bill even worked 61/67 New England counties along the way.   Tom/K1KI from Connecticut was second with 174,700 points, just edging out Paul/N1BUG who had a score of 171,424, making 974 QSOs from rare Piscataquis County ME.   Dale/AF1T came in forth with 1,367 SSB QSOs and 136,700 points from NH.  Both K1GQ and AF1T had 100 multipliers in their logs to top all entries.

The biggest category was single op low power, with 82 entries from New England.   The leader was Sandor/NB1N from Middlesex County MA who topped the list with 624 CW QSOs and 89,856 points, just ahead of Mark/K1RO at 86,549 from NH and Ed/K1GGI at 82,786 from Cape Cod MA.NB1N

All new England states were represented in the very competitive top ten low power scores.  Dave/N1IX in NH was fourth, Karl/K1KX was fifth from Kent County RI, followed by Lenny/KB1W from western Massachusetts, Rick/N1DC who is in Norfolk COunty, south of Boston, then Dan/W1QK from Fairfield County CT,  Bob/W1EQ in CT and tenth was Zach/K1ZK from VT.

The top New England QRP score was generated by Tom/AA1CA from southern New Hampshire.  He caught the attention of 228 others for 21,056 points.v  

John/W1XX and Bob/K1XA teamed up for the leading multi-operator entry with 529 CW and 1260 SSB contacts totalling 264,252 points from Rhode Island, edging out the NE1QP crew at K1TTT in western Massachusetts who had 847 CW and 392 SSB QSOs.  

Check here for detailed New England results -->  Score detail
and for band-by-band leaders -->  Band-by-band

There were nineteen New England records set from home stations in various categories,, plus another 25 by mobiles. Check out the NEQP records page for details  --Records

Club Competition

The Alabama Contest Group took first place for the second year in a row, just ahead of the Tennessee Contest Group.   Bob/WA1FCN and Charlie/NF4A led the way for the ACG.   Joel/NA4K and Dick/N4ARO led the TCG effort.  

Non-New England Club Scores
Club Entries Score
Alabama Contest Group 6 105,731
Tennessee Contest Group 12 100,579
Florida Contest Group 5 74,975
Potomac Valley Radio Club 10 62,014
Mad River Radio Club 8 56,322
Society of Midwest Contesters 9 51,713
Georgia Contest Group 1 51,546
Swamp Fox Contest Group 3 36,423
Heart of Texas DX Society 1 36,036
South East Contest Club 3 32,677
Frankford Radio Club 4 26,431
Vytautas Magnus University Radio Club 1 24,840
San Diego Contest Club 1 17,472
Northern California Contest Club 6 16,374
Metro DX Club 2 11,770
Contest Group du Quebec 2 11,173
DFW Contest Group 3 10,515
Maritime Contest Club 1 10,500
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club 7 9,540
Beemster Contest Club 1 9,400
Kentucky Contest Group 2 9,286
Mississippi Valley DX/Contest Club 2 9,093
Central Texas DX and Contest Club  1 7,854
North Coast Contesters 2 7,584
Candlewood Amateur Radio Association 1 7,488
Kansas City Contest Club 1 7,240
Yankee Clipper Contest Club 3 7,188
Louisiana Contest Club 1 6,474
L'Anse Creuse Amateur Radio Club 1 6,200
Mother Lode DX/Contest Club 2 6,177
Lafayette DX Association 2 5,952
Notheast Wisconsin DX Association 1 5,624
Vasterbergslagens Sandar Amatorer 1 5,460
Contest Club Ontario 1 5,396
Croatian Contest Club 1 5,358
South Texas DX and Contest Club   1 4,968
ORCA DX and Contest Club 2 4,674
Bavarian Contest Club 2 4,516
South Jersey Radio Association 1 3,960
QSY Society 1 3,672
Gloucester County Amateur Radio Club 1 3,640
Iowa DX and Contest Club 1 3,328
Minnesota Wireless Association 2 3,213
Sterling Park Amateur Radio Club 1 3,069
Radio Club of Redmond 1 2,784
Louisiana Contest Club 1 2,640
QCWA Chapter 91 1 2,580
Rochester DX Assoc 1 2,450
Southern California Contest Club 2 2,094
Colorado QRP Club 1 2,080
Radiosport Manitoba  2 1,946
USS Wisconsin Radio Club 1 1,914
SP Contest Club 1 1,672
CW Operators Club 1 1,518
Oshen Amateur Radio Club 1 1,380
Balaton Radioamateur DX Club 1 1,334
Central Oregon DX Club 1 1,330
Central Texas DXCC 1 1,050
Arkansas DX Association 1 918
Pottstown Area Amateur Radio Club 1 910
Southeast Contest Club 1 850
Willamette Valley DX Club 1 741
North Carolina DX & Contest Club 1 696
Bergen Amateur Radio Association 1 640
Idaho DX Association 1 528
Queen City Emergency Net 1 435
Botkyrka Radio Amatorer 1 336
Nortex QRP Club 1 288
Radio Club of Tacoma 1 264
Daviess County Amateur Radio Club 1 210
Lilly Amateur Radio Club 1 55
Black River Amateur Radio Club 1 42
Niagara Frontier Radiosport 1 2

New England Club Scores

Club Entries Score
Yankee Clipper Contest Club 59 2,923,455
CTRI Contest Group 9 483,525
The Barnstormers Contest Group 1 149,472
Contoocook Valley Radio Club 2 136,750
Merrymeeting Amateur Radio Association 3 52,015
Meriden Amateur Radio Club 3 34,047
Hampden County Radio Association 4 32,868
Nashua Area Radio CLub 1 15,876
Granite State Amateur Radio Association 1 9,225
YO DX Club 1 7,840
Potomac Valley Radio Club 1 7,659
Saint Albans Amateur Radio Club 1 3,648
Northern California Contest Club 1 2,322
Barnstormers Contest Group 1 1,562
Straight Key Century Club 1 936
Piscataquis Amateur Radio Club 1 546
Falmouth Amateur Radio Association 1 364
WPI Wireless Association 1 49

County activity

County  QSOs Stations
  Fairfield 612 27
  Hartford 1175 31
  Litchfield 96 11
  Middlesex 144 5
  New Haven 337 23
  New London 541 11
  Tolland 662 11
  Windham 310 3
  Barnstable 632 17
  Berkshire 1133 9
  Bristol 262 13
  Dukes 0 0
  Essex 412 23
  Franklin 68 4
  Hampden 495 23
  Hampshire 317 12
  Middlesex 1365 48
  Nantucket 110 4
  Norfolk 1291 27
  Plymouth 607 11
  Suffolk 201 7
  Worcester 781 30
  Androscoggin 85 5
  Aroostook 84 4
  Cumberland 457 10
  Franklin 51 1
  Hancock 45 2
  Kennebec 188 6
  Knox 61 2
  Lincoln 62 6
  Oxford 488 4
  Penobscot 352 9
  Piscataquis 541 6
  Sagadahoc 213 4
  Somerset 42 2
  Waldo 64 3
  Washington 57 3
  York 104 4
New Hampshire
  Belknap 82 6
  Carroll 626 5
  Cheshire 160 9
  Coos 83 3
  Grafton 195 11
  Hillsborough 550 23
  Merrimack 301 12
  Rochingham 1489 25
  Strafford 361 10
  Sullivan 419 5
Rhode Island
  Bristol 342 8
  Kent 467 10
  Newport 747 11
  Providence 491 22
  Washington 617 9
  Addison 132 6
  Bennington 348 4
  Caledonia 35 4
  Chittenden 335 7
  Essex 154 3
  Franklin 111 3
  Grand Isle 34 3
  Lamoille 332 4
  Orange 80 3
  Orleans 351 3
  Rutland 72 3
  Washington 323 6
  Windsor 73 5
  Windham 274 3


Digital (Adobe PDF) certificates will be emailed to everyone who made at least 25 QSOs.  If you want a paper certificate, please let us know.   We hope you'll be back again in 2016 to earn another one!

Plaques and Special Awards

Special plaques have been awarded to these top scorers:

Category  Donor Winner
USA - single operator Yankee Clipper Contest Club Paul Newberry, N4PN
USA - single operator low power Dave Sumner, K1ZZ,  in memory of Laci Radnay, W1PL Bob Beaudoin, WA1FCN
USA - single operator QRP Vern Brownell, W1VB Vic Shields, K9UIY
USA - single opr (W5-W7-W0) Huckleberry Mountain Contest Club Bob Panek, K2DSW
USA - single op (W2-W3-W8-W9) Jim Monahan, K1PX Bud Trench, AA3B
USA - single opr low power (W2-W3-W8-W9) Whit Carter, K1EO Paul Kirley, W8TM
USA - single opr low power - W7 Michael Therrien, N1MD Michael Steene, W7GF
USA - W4 - any category Gerry Hull, W1VE ex AK4L Bob Patten, N4BP (WN1GIV)
USA - California/Nevada Calif QSO Party - Northern California Contest Club Hank Garretson, W6SX
USA - multi operator - single transmitter Will and Pam Angenent, K6ND/K6NDV San Diego Contest Club - NX6T (N6KI, N6CY, N6ERD, W2PWS, W6JBR, NN6X, K4RB, oprs)
USA - single operator - CW only K1EL Keyers Chris Rust, K5LH
USA - single operator QRP (AR-LA-MS-TN) Steve Kercel, AA4AK Ron Duncan, W4UT
Canada - single operator  high power Chris Terkla, N1XS Claude Duberger, VE2FK
Canada - single operator low power Gerry Hull, W1VE/VE1RM Alan Prosser, VA1MM
Canada - single operator - CW only Bud Hippisley, W2RU Harry Kosterman, VA3EC
DX - single operator Yankee Clipper Contest Club Dima Zaslavsky, UA3AGW
DX - single operator low power Pete Chamalian, W1RM, in memory of John Thompson, W1BIH/PJ9JT Sam Zalnerauskas, LY5W
DX - Russia - any category Dmitri Y Jikharev, N2OW/RA9USU Dima Zaslavsky, UA3AGW
Golden Log - no errors Jim Spears, N1NK Steve Woods, NA4K
Top Club Florida Contest Group Alabama Contest Group
New England - single operator Yankee Clipper Contest Club Bill Myers, K1GQ
New England - single operator - low power Dave Hoaglin, K1HT Sandor Toth, NB1N
New England - single operator - QRP Blackstone Valley Amateur Radio Club Tom Doubek, AA1CA
New England - mobile Boston Amateur Radio Club Bob Raymond, WA1Z/m
New England - mobile (rookie) Bob Raymond, WA1Z Jeff Bolda, WC4E (K1M/m)
New England - mobile - multi-single Brian Szewczyk, NJ1F, in memory of James Szewczyk, WB1EYM The Barnstormers Contest Group - NZ1U/m (W1UJ, N1WK, oprs)
New England - County Expedition Award Huckleberry Mountain Contest Club MASSRADIO - WW1DX (KK1W AA1YW W1MSW N1FJ, oprs)
New England - multi-single Tom Frenaye, K1KI John Lindholm, W1XX (+ K1XA, oprs)
New England - school club Chris Terkla, N1XS Northeastern University Radio Club, W1KBN (KB1REQ KC1DTB N1QD, oprs)
New England  - single operator - CW only Andy Bodony, K2LE Bill Myers, K1GQ
New England  - single operator - SSB only Fred Reed, KK1KW, and Woody Beckford,  WW1WW Dale Clement, AF1T
Connecticut - single operator high power Candlewood ARA Tom Frenaye, K1KI
Connecticut - single operator low power Mikey Mavor, W1MKM, memorial sponsored by the Barnstormers (NZ1U) Dan Fegley, W1QK
Maine - single operator  Larry Banks, W1DYJ Paul Kelley, N1BUG
Maine - single operator low power Augusta Amateur Radio Assn George Monti, K1PQS
Massachusetts - single operator Framingham Amateur Radio Association Al Rousseau, W1FJ
Massachusetts - single operator low power Chuck Counselman, W1HIS Ed Moxon, K1GGI
Massachusetts - Hampden County - single operator Hampden County Radio Assn Jeff Bail. NT1K
New Hampshire - single operator low power Mark Pride, K1RX Mark Wilson, K1RO
Rhode Island - single operator   CTRI Contest Group Karl Wherry, K1KX
Vermont - single operator  Bob Raymond, WA1Z Brian Machesney, K1LI
Vermont - single operator low power West River Radio Club Zach Manganello, K1ZK
New England Club Yankee Clipper Contest Club CTRI Contest Group

If you'd like to sponsor a new plaque for 2016, please contact us at

Special Awards

The top USA (non-New England) single operator winner:

The Framingham Amateur Radio Association has donated a Lobster dinner for two from Legal Seafood of Boston to the USA single operator (non-New England) winner.  

For 2015 the winner was
Paul Newberry, N4PN!  

Log checking

The log checking process found some missed dits and dahs. There were 414 logs overall, a 5% decrease over 2014, with 404 in electronic format (98%) and only 10 on paper.  

For non-New England stations, cross checking was possible on 15,265 of the 17,595 QSOs reported (86.8%).  Of the QSOs not allowed (6.3%), the breakdown was as follows:

QSOs Reason not allowed
163 Callsign incorrect
482 QTH incorrect (mostly from stations in the 7QP)
80 Not in log
249 Duplicate
5 Bad mode
5 Bad band
11 Time was outside of contest period
1,104 Total of QSOs disallowed

For New England stations, cross checking was possible on 21,379 of the 43,504 QSOs reported (49.5%).  Of the 1,163 QSOs not allowed (2.7%), the breakdown was as follows:

QSOs Reason not allowed
520 Callsign incorrect
284 QTH incorrect
110 Not in log
483 Duplicate
0 Bad mode
0 Bad band
1,163 Total of QSOs disallowed

Logging Software

N1MM introduced N1MM Logger+ and more than half of their users switched to the new version, plus a few additional users. N3FJP and Writelog software were still next in the list with another 20 others, none exceeding ten users.  Thanks to WA7BNM for adding the NEQP to his list of supported contests

Logging Software Used Entries QSOs
N1MM Logger+  169 21,067
N1MM Logger 67 16,757
N3FJP 63 5,964
WriteLog  28 5,140
SkookumLogger 2 1,190  2 852
WA7BNM Web2Cabrillo 9 464
Win-Test  3 413
Aether  2 376
Win-EQF                                                         2 373
NA Version  3 370
SD  7 332
TR Log 2 330
GenLog  9 272
TR4W  7 269
LOGic version  1 241
(8 others) 9 1,000


You can get a real feel for the contest by going through the various "Soapbox" comments from the big guns, the little guns and everyone in between.    


Thanks to everyone who made QSOs and to those who sent in logs in 2015.   A lot of people had a good time finding counties and meeting new friends - hope to see you all again in the 2016 contest - May 7th and 8th!