2020 New England QSO Party

by Tom Frenaye, K1KI – frenaye@pcnet.com

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Plans for the 2020 New England QSO Party significantly changed during the few weeks beforehand, as closures and travel restrictions due to the Covid virus mostly shut down travel throughout New England. During late April all New England states announced stay at home and mask rules. A number of people planning for elaborate mobile efforts had to cancel their plans. On the other hand, with so many people at home around the country, there was a huge uptick in the number of people on the air and contesting!

We received 1101 logs, up 68% from the 654 logs in 2019. There were 44 logs from Canada, 36 from DX stations, 816 from USA stations and 283 from New England. The total number of QSOs made by all stations after log checking came in at 154,015 – two times the number of QSOs reported in 2019!!

All but one of the 67 New England counties were on the air with 887 different stations represented in the logs. By state, the totals were 164 stations from Connecticut, 339 from Massachusetts, 104 from Maine, 159 from New Hampshire, 63 from Rhode Island, and 58 from Vermont. The hardest to work counties were Essex VT, Orange VT, Caledonia VT, and Knox ME.


Solar activity was low with few sunspots and a quiet geomagnetic field. DX propagation was not very good but within North American there was sure a lot of action.

Valid QSOs80m40m20m15m10m
QSOsmade by W1s15,51741,24341,64724242
Different stations worked1,2934,5055,2788533
QSOsmade by non-W1s8,02723,93323,081830
Different stations worked203461572330


Only two W1 mobiles reported any activity, and they were both in rural northern New England. Thanks to Max/K1TIG/m who took a trip north covering four counties in NH and Jose/KB1TCD/m who used his Hamsticks to activate two counties in Maine (plus his home QTH). I know we’ll see both of them again in the future.


Check here for detailed results –> Outside New England Scores | New England Scores
and for band-by-band info for the leaders –> Band-by-band

USA Outside New England

Bob/N4BP @ WN1GIV in Florida led the Single Operator High Power pack with 541 QSOs (312 CW and 90 SSB) in 63 counties for a score of 57,582 points. Second place went to Laszlo/OM2VL from Slovakia with 477 QSOs (288 CW, 217 SSB) in 59 counties for 46,905 points. That’s quite something from Europe!! Rounding out the top five SOHP scores were John/K4BAI from Georgia, at 34,608, Dave/N3XF in Pennsylvania at 33,600 points and a state record, and Craig/K9CT from Illinois at 32,832. Ed/W5TM was the big gun from west of the Mississippi River. There were nearly 300 entries in the SOHP category.

There were 463 entries in the Single Operator Low Power category, a new record. The top scorer was Jeff/N8II from West Virginia with 340 QSOs in 59 counties for 29,618 points. The rest of the top five were Bill/AC0W from Minnesota, Metro/W8MET from Ohio, Dave/WN4AFP from South Carolina, and Roger/K0MPH from Minnesota. Bill/N6ZFO had the top west coast score.

Metro, W8MET

Tom/K3TW from Florida earned the top SOQRP score with 142 CW and 72 SSB QSOs in 46 counties for 16,376 points, followed closely by Vic/K9UIY ;in Illinois with a score of 15,996.

There were fewer Multi-single entries than usual in 2020 with Covid restrictions cancelling many efforts, and moving others to try remote access methods. The team of Valerie/NV9L Jerry/WB9Z put NV9L at the top of the chart with 408 QSOs and 57 counties for 36,651 points. The NX6T team from San Diego was second with 32,312 points, and set a California record.

Special thanks to everyone who participated in all of the QSO parties on the same day – W1 W7 DE and IN – and sent in a log or checklog!


Alan/VA1MM from Nova Scotia topped the SOHP category with 156 CW and 46 SSB QSOs in 47 counties for 16,826, closely followed by Rob/VE4GV setting a Manitoba record with 16,422, then Todd/VE5MX with 13,760 points from Saskatchewan, also a new record. In the SOLP category, the top three entries were all from Ontario with Tony/VE3RZ in the lead with 19,200 points, then Evgeny/VE3AQ and Harry/VA3EC.


The big surprise was the huge SOHP score from Laszlo/OM2VL, who had 46,905 points after log checking, with 288 CW and 217 SSB QSOs, in 59 counties all from Slovakia (4200 miles/6700 km away). His total beat all of the USA scores except for one, and set a new record for any DX station. Congrats! Dietmar/DL3DXX was second with 293 CW QSOs in 54 counties for 27,542 points and a new German record. Sam/LY5W was third, setting a record from Lithuania.

Laszlo, OM2VL

In the SOLP category, Marco/XE2Swith 8,640 points, edged out Fred/K9VV at NP2X with 7,104, followed by Antal/EA5KOin third place.

For a full list of current records –> Records

New England Results

The big increase in activity in 2020 led to some monster scores from New England stations. Three operators all connected to W1KM‘s station in the salt marshes of southeastern Massachusetts using the NN1C callsign in the multi-single category. Marty/NN1C, Dennis/W1UE and Axel/KI6RRN teamed up for 1382 CW and 642 SSB contacts, along with 126 multipliers and a new record of 429,156 points. Second place went to the remote team at K2LE‘s Vermont QTH using W1VE‘s call – credit operators Gerry/W1VE, Andy/K2LE, Ed/K1EP and VE4EA with 292,434 points and a VT record. Another remote team ran the NE1QP effort from K1TTT‘s hill in western Massachusetts – Brayden/KC1KUG, Brian/NJ1F, Michael/K1MK, and Tom/W1TO put 1566 QSOs in their log for 228,592 points.

In the single operator high power category, Bob/WA1Z from New Hampshire took top honors with 1473 CW and 744 SSB contacts, a multiplier of 112 and 413,280 points, breaking the previous SOHP record. Pete/W1RM made 1500 CW QSOs and matched the 112 multiplier total for second place and a final score of 336,000 points from Connecticut. Third place in New England went to Mark/K1RO in NH with 283,912 points. Rounding out the top five were Randy/K5ZD at AK1W in MA with 267,145 points, and Krassy/K1LZwith 236,758 from Maine, each setting state records. Dale/AF1T from NH had his usual top score with only SSB QSOs – 194,567.

Don/WA1BXY’s shack (NC1CC)

Single Operator High Power

Mixed Mode CW only SSB only
K1LZ236,758N1E (K1IB)168,270W1TJL80,960

The single operator low power title in New England went to Matt/W1PY in western MA, with 1055 CW and 322 SSB QSOs. His 99 multipliers put his final score at 240,768 and was a New England record.

Matt W1PY and Sean KX9X

Second place was earned by Paul/K1XM with 208,416 points from the Boston area. Dan/W1QK came in third from CT, setting a new state record. He had 172,494 points, followed by Bruce/K1BG with 162,165 points and Dave/K1VUT both from MA at 155,344.

Single Operator Low Power

Mixed Mode CW only SSB only

John/W1XX set a new QRP record for New England with 640 CW and 119 SSB QSOs, 77 multipliers and a total of 107,723 points from RI. Dave/N1IX in NH came in second with 77,220 points, and new state record.

Check out the NEQP records page for details for all record categories –> Records

Check here for detailed New England results –> Score detail
and for band-by-band leaders –> Band-by-band

Club Competition

The Society of Midwest Contesters earned the top club spot for the first time, edging out last year’s winner, the Potomac Valley Radio Club. Top scorers were the Multi-single team of Valerie and Jerry at NV9L and the SOHP effort by Craig/K9CT.

Overall, there were 512 logs representing a record 139 clubs from outside new England.

Within New England, the CTRI Contest Group had the top club score while the regional Yankee Clipper Contest Club had 91 entries and a monster $8m+ points. Thirty-seven different New England clubs had scores – from 171 different logs.

Non-New England Club Scores

Society of Midwest Contesters32295,097
Potomac Valley Radio Club40279,325
Florida Contest Group25244,071
Tennessee Contest Group29186,604
Frankford Radio Club22145,308
Minnesota Wireless Association18144,145
Northern California Contest Club31118,054
South East Contest Club11116,306
Contest Club Ontario19110,883
Mad River Radio Club1194,860
Alabama Contest Group692,413
Deep Dixie Contest Club467,317
Southern California Contest Club1066,704
Kentucky Contest Group860,715
DFW Contest Group952,777
Niagara Frontier Radiosport752,388
Swamp Fox Contest Group650,679
Bavarian Contest Club449,110
Slovak Contest Group144,254
Central Virginia Contest Club339,485
The Villages Amateur Radio Club435,508
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club1233,672
San Diego Contest Club131,075
Central Texas DX and Contest Club528,850
Metro DX Club427,146
Willamette Valley DX Club1026,293
Georgia Contest Group323,268
Western Washington DX Club1122,658
Fort Wayner Radio Club622,503
North Coast Contesters420,387
Big Sky Contesters417,738
Kansas City Contest Club217,018
Blossomland Amateur Radio Association116,920
Lafayette DX Association416,529
Radiosport Manitoba116,422
New Providence Amateur Radio Club415,150
The Dent County Raiders214,680
Lake Area Amateur Radio Klub413,964
Saskatchewan Contest Club113,760
Beemster Contest Club113,500
Susquehanna County Amateur Radio Club 212,780
First State Amateur Radio Club112,189
Cuyahoga Amateur Radio Society112,150
Fort Smith Area Amateur Radio Club111,438
Contest Club Finland211,370
Port Lavaca Amateur Radio Club111,352
Not Quite Workable Contest Club110,988
North Fulton Amateur Radio League210,579
Iowa DX and Contest Club110,340
Great Places Contest Club19,472
Albuquerque DX Association18,604
Orca DX and Contest Club38,498
Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers38,445
XE Dxers18,400
Platinum Coast Amateur Radio Society18,132
ARC Emergency Communications Service17,420
Russian Contest Club17,227
West Allis Radio Amateurs Club17,200
Yankee Clipper Contest Club35,654
Arkansas DX Association15,576
Central Oregon DX Club25,524
Fauquier Amateur Radio Association25,388
EA Contest Club15,372
SP DX Club25,348
Mother Lode DX/Contest Club34,968
Texas DX Society34,628
Hilltop Transmitting Association14,386
CSU Pitesti24,338
Arrow Communications Association14,068
Louisiana Contest Club24,034
Mifflin County Contesters13,450
Heritage Hunt Hams13,393
Maritime Contest Club23,112
Portage County Amateur Radio Service33,036
Lawton Ft Sill Amatuer Radio Club12,958
Florida Weak Signal Society12,860
Sterling Park Amateur Radio Club12,850
Western Illinois Amateur Radio Club12,704
Silver Comet Amateur Radio Society12,450
Boeing Employees Amateur Radio Operators North Society12,323
QSY Society11,950
Utah DX Association21,885
USS Wisconsin Radio Club11,824
SMARTS Radio Club11,722
Fair Lawn Amateur Radio Club11,395
Skyview Radio Society11,352
Carolina DX Association11,302
Spokane DX Association21,140
Queen City Emergency Net11,127
CTRI Contest Group21,064
Radio Club of Redmond21,053
Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club1984
Charlotte Amateur Radio Society1972
The Albemarle Amateur Radio Society1945
Sawnee Amateur Radio Association1900
Southeastern DX Club1900
Northern Arizona DX Association1884
Central Oregon DX Club2784
Grand Mesa Contesters1744
Loudoun Amateur Radio Group1660
Northeast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society2596
Lighthouse Amateur Radio Alliance1594
Wabash Valley Amateur Radio Assn1576
Nanaimo Amateur Radio Association1561
Franklin County Amateur Radio Club1450
Silver Springs Radio Club1448
Southwest Dallas County Amateur Radio Club1432
South Texas DX Club2420
Western Kansas Amateur Radio Club1408
Oro Valley Amateur Radio Club1384
Daviess County Amateur Radio Club1320
L’Anse Creuse Amateur Radio Club1306
Hartland DX Association1288
Dillman’s Amateur Radio Experimenters1286
Fort Wayne DX Association2243
Cowtown Amateur Radio Club1240
Carolina SideWinders of the Lowcountry1209
Athens Radio Club1180
Classic Operators Contest Club2174
Deutscher Amateur Radio Club1160
Alexandria Radio Club2130
Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club1110
Order of Boiled Owls of New York1108
Lighthouse Amateur Radio Alliance164
Delaware Amateur Radio Association160
CW Ops150
Hazel Park Amatuer Radio Club149
Ventura County Amateur Radio Society235
Sierra Foothills Amateur Raido Club125
Vytautas Magnus University Radio Club118
Huber Heights Amateur Radio Club116
St. Petersburg Amateur Radio Club19
Green River Valley Amateur Radio Society18
Contest Club du Quebec14
Stewart Lake Amateur Radio Club14
Kennan DX Iwate12
High Desert Radio Amateur Group 11
Contest Group du Quebec10
Kaunas University of Technology Radio Club10
Ozarks Amateur Radio Society10

New England Club Scores

Yankee Clipper Contest Club918,157,611
CTRI Contest Group9319,348
Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont3245,649
Hampden County Radio Association7178,043
Candlewood Amateur Radio Association3174,959
Nashoba Valley Amateur Radio Club10171,785
Eastern Connecticut Amateur Radio Associaiton2118,832
Fidelity Amateur Radio Club1110,110
Bass Hill Repeater Group154,432
Providence Radio Association150,622
Contoocook Valley Radio Club436,167
Newport County Radio Club125,132
Nashua Area Radio Society621,379
Twin Cities DX Association118,584
West River Radio Club117,472
Green Mountain Wireless Society113,612
Cape Cod CWOPS Club113,590
Ellsworth Amateur Wireless Association111,398
Meriden Amateur Radio Club111,300
Natchaug Amateur Radio Club16,972
Northville Amateur Radio Association15,320
Central Massachusetts Amateur Radio Associaiton24,569
Montechusetts Amateur Radio Associaiton14,424
Whitman Amateur Radio Club13,914
Cape Ann Amateur Rdio Association12,592
Port City Amateur Radio Club21,940
Falmouth Amateur Radio Club11,924
North East Weak Signal Group11,320
North Shore Radio Association11,200
Central New Hampshire Amateur Radio Club1969
Blackstone Amateur Radio Club1805
Hop River Radio Club2588
Nantucket Amateur Radio Association1504
Franklin County Amateur Radio Club1465
Granite State Amateur Radio Association1368
Wireless Operators of Winsted1240
Northern New England Field Amateur Radio Operators6139

Activity by County

New Haven146732
New London194821
New Hampshire
Rhode Island
Grand Isle3625


Digital (Adobe PDF) certificates will be emailed to everyone who made at least 25 QSOs. If you want a paper certificate, please let us know. Please come back and enjoy the fun in the 2021 NEQP!!

Special plaques have been awarded to these top scorers:

USA – Single OperatorYankee Clipper Contest ClubBob Patten, N4BP (WN1GIV)
USA – Single Operator Low PowerDave Sumner, K1ZZ, in memory of Laci Radnay, W1PLJeff Hartley, N8II
USA – Single Operator QRPVern Brownell, W1VBTom Warren, K3TW
USA – Single Op (W5-W6-W7-W0)Huckleberry Mountain Contest ClubAxel Bruderer, KI6RRN (NO6T)
USA – Single Op (W2-W3-W8-W9)Steve Moynihan, W3SMDave Sarault, N3XF
USA – Single Operator Low Power (W2-W3-W8-W9)Whit Carter, K1EOMetro Sinko, W8MET
USA – Single Operator Low Power – W7Michael Therrien, N1MDFred Laun, N7KRN
USA – W4 – any categoryGerry Hull, W1VE ex AK4LJohn Laney, K4BAI
USA – Multi-Operator Single-TransmitterWill and Pam Angenent, K6ND/K6NDVValerie Hotzfeld, NV9L (+WB9Z)
USA – Single Operator – CW onlyHamcraftersCraig Thompson, K9CT
USA – Single Operator – SSB onlyJim Monahan, K1PX, in memory of Marty Johnson, W3YOZEd Kucharski, K3DNE
Canada – Single Operator high powerChris Terkla, N1XSAlan Prosser, VA1MM
Canada – Single Operator Low PowerGerry Hull, W1VE/VE1RMTony Osman, VE3RZ
DX – Single OperatorYankee Clipper Contest ClubLaszlo Vegh, OM2VL
DX – Single Operator Low PowerPete Chamalian, W1RM, in memory of John Thompson, W1BIH/PJ9JTMarco Antonio Soto, XE2S
Golden Log – no errorsJim Spears, N1NKPaul O’Kirley, W8TM
Top ClubFlorida Contest GroupSociety of Midwest Contesters
New England – Single OperatorYankee Clipper Contest ClubBob Raymond, WA1Z
New England – Single Operator – Low PowerDave Hoaglin, K1HTMatt Wilhelm, W1PY
New England – single operator – QRPBlackstone Valley Amateur Radio ClubJohn Lindholm, W1XX
New England – MobileBoston Amateur Radio ClubMax Holden, K1TIG/m
New England – County Expedition AwardTom Homewood, W1TOAnn Byers, K1QO
New England – multi-singleCheshire County DX ARCMartin Sullaway, NN1C
( +Alex/KI6RRN, Dennis/W1UE, oprs)
New England – Single Operator – CW onlyAndy Bodony, K2LEPete Chamalian, W1RM
New England – Single Operator – SSB onlyFred Reed, KK1KW, and Woody Beckford, WW1WWDale Clement, AF1T
Connecticut – Single Operator High PowerCandlewood ARAPete Chamlian, W1RM
Connecticut – Single Operator Low PowerDick Pechie, KB1H, memorial sponsored by the Barnstormers (NZ1U)Dan Fegley, W1QK
Maine – Single Operator Larry Banks, W1DYJKrassy Petkov, K1LZ
Maine – Single Operator Low PowerSue, K1RQ, and Brian Szewczyk, NJ1F, in memory of Dana Cobb, K1RQBob Coakley, KX1E
Massachusetts – Single OperatorFramingham Amateur Radio AssociationRandy Thompson, K5ZD (AK1W)
Massachusetts – Single Operator Low PowerChuck Counselman, W1HISPaul Young, K1XM
Massachusetts – Hampden County – Single OperatorHampden County Radio AssnChris Scibelli, NU1O
Massachusetts – Single Operator – Best in Western MassachusettsPOTA*413 Western MA Chapter – Portable on the AirJim Mullen, KK1W
New Hampshire – Single Operator Mark Wilson, K1ROMark Wilson, K1RO
New Hampshire – Single Operator Low PowerWQ2H Repeater GroupEd Parsons, K1TR
New Hampshire – Multi-Operator Nat Lee, N1BNC, + Dan Norman, N0HFUnity Mountain ARC (Barry/NF1O, Mary Whittemore/NE1F, oprs
Rhode Island – Single Operator CTRI Contest GroupDon Rosinha, WA1BXY (NC1CC)
Vermont – Single OperatorBob Raymond, WA1ZMill Moore, K1IB (N1E)
Vermont – Single Operator Low PowerWest River Radio ClubKevin Emilio, KE1VT
New England ClubYankee Clipper Contest ClubCTRI Contest Group

If you’d like to sponsor a new plaque for 2021, please contact us at info@neqp.org

Log Checking

The log checking process was pretty thorough and most entries lost a few QSOs.There were 1101 logs overall, with 1085 in electronic format (98.5%) and only 16 on paper. The best operators have error rates in <3% range. The logs we have the most trouble with are those with ADIF files instead of the requested Cabrillo format. They usually do not have the necessary basic information like entry caregory. Paul/W8TM earned the Golden Log plaque in the 2020 contest with no errors in 197 QSOs. Andy/AA5JF and Dave/N4DW each had 179 flawless contacts.

For non-New England stations, cross checking was possible on 52,625 of the 59,730 QSOs reported (88.1%). For New England stations, cross checking was possible for 63,983 of the 102,609 QSOs reported (62.4%).

Logging Software

More than 40 different logging programs were used by NEQP participants. N1MM Logger+ continues to have the lion’s share of the users, QSOs and points. Not everyone upgrades their logging software to the current version – there were 36 different versions of the N1MM Logger+ software (and nine versions of the original N1MM Logger software which was discontinued a few years ago). N3FJP’s array of contest software has now moved into second place among NEQP entrants.

N1MM Logger+ 665104,04710,760,892
DXLog.net 83,407494,201
WA7BNM Web2Cabrillo381,798101,388
TR Log POST576673,813
N1MM Logger1253825,366
Logger+ 248752,354
CabConverter 432913,477
MS Excel429123,242
MS Word526312,046
Other (20 different)2592750,622


You can get a real feel for the contest by going through the various “Soapbox” comments from the big guns, the little guns and everyone in between.

The 2021 contest in coming up the first weekend of May, so I hope to see everyone active. If you’re from New England, let us know if you’ll be QRV this year – send a message to us at info@neqp.org with the county name(s). We’d like to be sure all counties are active!