Software for NEQP

The following contest logging software supports the New England QSO Party.

CQ/X by NO5W

CQPWin by AE6Y

GenLog by W3KM

DXlog by 9A5K (supports 2024 changes)

N1MM Logger+ by N1MM (supports 2024 changes)

MacLoggerDX by DogParkSoftware with Cab-Converter by NE1RD (Apple)

NEQP by N3FJP (supports 2024 changes)


SkookumLogger by K1GQ (Apple) (supports 2024 changes)

TLF by PA0R, DL1JBE (Linux) (supports 2024 changes)

TR Log by N6TR

Win-EQF* by LA6VJA

Writelog by W5XD

Cabforms by WA7BNM – to manually enter log data to produce a Cabrillo file and submit it to a contest sponsor. The forms are designed for contesters who used paper logging or logging software that doesn’t produce a Cabrillo file.

Summary and log forms in PDF format if you want to log on paper.

Generating Cabrillo format logs