2021 New England QSO Party

by Tom Frenaye, K1KI – frenaye@pcnet.com

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Covid restrictions were reduced in May 2021 so there was an increase in the number of mobiles, but mobile activity was still down a bit from 2019 and earlier.

In 2021 we received 947 logs, down 14% from the 1102 logs in 2020, as the Covid pandemic lessened. There were 49 logs from Canada, 26 from DX stations, 639 from USA stations, and 235 from New England. The total number of QSOs made by all stations after log checking came in at 130,805.

All 67 New England counties were on the air with 906 different stations represented in the logs. By state, the totals were 160 stations from Connecticut, 306 from Massachusetts, 134 from Maine, 168 from New Hampshire, 59 from Rhode Island, and 79 from Vermont. The hardest to work counties were Dukes MA, Knox ME, Piscataquis ME, and Orleans VT.


Solar activity was low with few sunspots and a quiet geomagnetic field. DX propagation was not very good but within North America, there was sure a lot of action.

Valid QSOs80m40m20m15m10m
QSOs made by W1s12,17333,00136,0522,626160
Different stations worked1,0793,5755,235388100
QSOs made by non-W1s6,16318,71520,0211,82539
Different stations worked1583655247718


Ten W1 mobiles reported activity, a big improvement over the previous year! Thanks to multi-single efforts from K2UA/m and W1DX/m, plus single operator efforts from W1UJ(NZ1U/m), K1IB(N1E/m), N1FJ/m, AC1JR/m, AF1R/m, KK1L/m, AC1KQ/m, and KC1NOM/m. Both NZ1U/m and K2UA/m managed to make QSOs from 22 counties – lots of driving!


Check here for detailed results –> Outside New England Scores | New England Scores
and for band-by-band info for the leaders –> Band-by-band

USA Outside New England

Bob/N4BP, operating as WN1GIV, in Florida came out on top of the Single Operator High Power category with 570 QSOs, 65 counties, and 57,785 points. His score was bolstered by a large number of SSB QSOs. The next four scores were all from the middle Atlantic area, with Frankford Radio Club’s Bill/K3WJV from PA with 294 QSOs, and followed by three members of the Potomac Valley Radio Club Chuck/K4QS from VA with 309 QSOs, Dave/N3XF from PA with 249 QSOs, and Doug/AA3S from MD with 234 QSOs. Each worked more than 60 counties. The next five came from a bit further away from New England – Dennis/K2SX from SC, Connie/K5CM from OK, Ned/K1GU from TN, Ed/W5TM from OK, and Andy/AA5JF from GA.

Bill, K3WJV

Single Operator Low Power was the most popular category with twice as many entries as High Power. The leading score from outside of New England was Jeff/N8II from WV, who had 425 QSOs from all 67 counties for 45,158 points – and set a new Low Power record! Close behind was former New Englander Bob/WA1FCN from AL with 455 QSOs and 62 counties for 44,516 points. Rounding out the top five SOLP stations were Metro/W8MET from OH, Milt/K4OSO(now WX3M) from VA, and George/K4GM from VA. Only a couple thousand points separated the rest of the top ten – Dave/W9QL from IL, Mike/K9NW from OH, Frank/K4EJ from FL, Doug/N4IJ from NC, and Jim/K4AMC from TN, each with more than 200 QSOs and 50 counties worked.

Dave, W9QL

Those choosing to operate QRP were led by Vic/K9UIY from IL with 207 CW QSOs and 57 counties. Tony/K8ZT from OH and Tom/K3TW from FL were both able to reach at least 50 counties, to finish second and third.

Tony, K8ZT

The multi-operator category was topped by Valerie/NV9L(+Jerry/WB9Z)‘s 435 QSO and 63 county effort – for 47,124 points, not quite enough for a new USA record. Second place went to the crew at NX6T with 364 QSOs, while KA3D finished third with 218 QSOs.

Overall, four new state records were set in the Multi-Operator category, twelve new state records SOHP, seven new state SOLP records, and four new state QRP records. Wow.

Special thanks to everyone who participated in all of the QSO parties on the same day – W1 W7 DE and IN – and sent in a log or checklog!


The record number of Canadian logs resulted in two new national records. In the SOHP category, Claude/VE2FK made 220 CW QSOs and worked 55 counties for a new Canadian SOHP record of 24,200 points. Even more notable was Rino/VE9VIC‘s SOLP score of 36,580 points (295 CW QSOs, 62 counties), the best score ever from Canada. Provincial SOHP records were also set by Alan/VA1MM NS, Vic/VE3YT ON, and Todd/VE5MX SK.

Rino, VE9VIC


Laslo/OM2VL improved upon his High Power score from last year with 457 QSOs (313 CW and 144 SSB) in 66 counties for 50,820 points, again setting a new DX record, and beating all other stations outside of New England except for one. Second place went to Dietmar/DL3DXX and Wes/SP4Z was third, setting the record for Poland. Rafael/PY4RGS set a new record from Brazil.

In the Low Power category, Oliver/F1AKK (@TM6M) came out on top with 31,320 points, a new SOLP DX record. The next two SOLP scores were from Peter/DL4FN with 17,108 points and a new German record, followed by Joe/SP6JOE. A country record was also set by Rui/CT7AIX.

Oliver, F1AKK

For a full list of current records –> Records

New England Results

Starting off the NEQP at 20Z means that you are jumping into a pool that already has lots of action with the 7QP, Indiana QP, and Delaware QP already in progress.

Single Operator High Power

Tom/K1KI and Dave/K1ZZ, both from CT had quite a battle in the Single Operator High Power category and finished the contest with Tom slightly ahead. After log checking, Tom lost eleven QSOs from bad calls or QTH (0.61%) and Dave only lost five (0.24%). Tom/K1KI finished with 1809 CW QSOs and 124 multipliers for 448,632 points, a new SOHP record for New England. Dave/K1ZZ was second with 1535 CW QSOs, 579 SSB QSOs and 122 multipliers for 445,178 points, also breaking the old record. Third place went to Randy/K5ZD(@AK1W) in MA with 361,881 points. Rounding out the top five were Jack/W1WEF in CT with 311,880 points and Bill/K1GQ from NH with 259,633 points.

Jack, W1WEF

Mixed Mode CW only SSB only
AK1W361,881W1WEF311,880W1KDA 79,328
K1JB228,252K1GQ259,644AC1EV 56,871
KE1VT177,840W1RM163,280W1WIU 35,840
AA1SU171,366K1BG133,760WA1YZN 27,145
Top Single Operator High Power Scores

Single Operator Low Power

The Low Power category was led by Paul/K1XM from MA with a New England record of 266,614 points, from 1223 CW QSOs and 109 multipliers. Dave/K1VUT from MA had a score of 201,120 with 1257 QSOs and 80 multipliers. Ed/K1TR from NH had 194,720 points, Matt/KA1R operating from the top of ME had 190,470, and Matt/W1PY from MA came in with 189,810 points. Five others broke the 100,000 point mark – Dan/W1QK from CT had 179,064 points, Mike/N1TA from MA scored 125,558 points, Bill/W1WBB(@AI1TT) from RI with 117,288 points, Rick/N1DC from MA with 112,812, and Andrew/AJ1AJ from NH had 110,600 points.

Paul, K1XM
Mixed Mode CW only SSB only
K1ZE105,070N1TA125,558NA1KW 8,502
Top Single Operator Low Power Scores

Single Operator QRP

Peter/W1UU from MA topped the QRP list with 238 QSOs, 43 multipliers, and 20,468 points. Second place was earned by Scott/N1AIA in ME with 18,283 points from 193 QSOs and 47 multipliers.

Peter, W1UU


The race for the top in the Multi-Operator Single Transmitter group was very close, with the young team of AA4LS, KC1KUG, and W4IPC operating as K1M from ME finishing first with 1226 CW, 598 SSB QSOs, and 133 multipliers. Very close behind was the group at NE1QP (W3MLJ, K1MK, NT2X, W1TO, NJ1F, and K1TTT) in MA with 1043 CW, 755 SSB QSOs, and 138 multipliers for 395,370 points. Third went to NS1DX (K1EP, K2LE, W1VE) operating from VT with 302,717 points.


If you have never operated mobile in a state QSO party, you should try it sometime! Each time you change counties you have a group of 20-40 people or more waiting to work you again! It’s amazing what you can do with a mobile antenna and 100w… Andrea/AF1R/m wrote a detailed story about her mobile experience.

Two stations operated as Multi-Operator Single Transmitter Mobile, with K2UA/m (+N2MG) operating from 22 counties in five states, for a total of 1524 QSOs, 59 multipliers, and 179,832 points. W1DX/m (W1XX, K1DM, W1AN) put 7 counties on the air and made 394 QSOs for 30,299 points.

Eight logs were submitted in the Single Operator Low Power Mobile category. Jay/W1UJ operated as NZ1U/m from 22 counties and earned 112,984 points with 974 QSOs. Second place went to Mill/K1IB as N1E/m from eight counties and 48,288 points, while Frandy/N1FJ/m toured four counties in NE VT for third place.

Check out the NEQP records page for details for all record categories –> Records

Check here for detailed New England results –> Score detail
and for band-by-band leaders –> Band-by-band

Club Competition

New England Club Scores

Yankee Clipper Contest Club656,544,506
CTRI Contest Group9317,545
Nashoba Valley Amateur Radio Club4148,122
Ellsworth Amateur Radio Association4129,615
Contoocook Valley Radio Club3212,288
Hampden County Radio Associaiton3211,885
Providence Radio Association350,088
Radio Amareurs of Northern Vermont2216,342
Candlewood Amateur Radio Association2179,818
Merrymeeting Amateur Radio Association219,529
Nashua Area Radio Society214,712
Twin State Radio Club28,501
Nantucketg Amateur Radio Association21,209
K1USN Radio Club1201,120
Northeastern University Wireless Club184,564
PART of Westford141,602
Bass Hill Repeater Group140,352
Cheshire County Amateur Radio Club127,145
Housatonic Amateur Radio Club 122,420
Long Island CW Club119,824
Newport County Radio Club114,784
Central Massachusetts Amateur Radio Association112,688
Port City Amateur Radio Club18,120
Natchaug Amateur Radio Club17,896
Northern New England Field Amateur Radio Operators16,300
Stratford Amateur Radio Club15,538
North East Weak Signal Group15,100
Tri-City Amateur Radio Club14,551
Central Massachusetts Amateur Radio Association13,752
Meriden Amateur Radio Club12,929
Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association12,523
Central New Hampshire Amateur Radio Club11,738
WQ2H Repeater Group1810
Granite State Amateur Radio Association1600
Hop River Radio Club1210
Westerley (RO) Amateur Radio Team156

Non-New England Club Scores

Potomac Valley Radio Club37368,452
Tennessee Contest Group23199,409
Society of Midwest Contesters20171,241
Northern California Contest Club2077,764
Frankford Radio Club19193,815
Contest Club Ontario19153,967
Florida Contest Group17210,818
Minnesota Wireless Association1689,621
Mad River Radio Club1168,526
Willametter Valley DX Club117,927
South East Contest Club992,182
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club814,265
Swamp Fox Contest Group757,889
Southern California Contest Club751,657
Niagara Frontier Radiosport749,386
DFW Contest Group732,748
Kentucky Contest Group635,348
Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado614,998
Kansas City Contest Club613,623
Bavarian Contest Clib538,239
Central Texas DX and Contest Club520,112
Texas DX Society57,996
Utah DX Association51,246
Carolina DX Association437,065
Yankee Clipper Contest Club414,348
Hudson Valley Contesters and Dxers49,849
Western Washington DX Club43,801
Alabama Contest Group371,355
Maritime Contest Club342,759
New Providence Amateur Radio Club327,644
Lake Area Amateur Radio Klub318,858
Fauquier Amateur Radio Association316,166
Mother Lode DX/Contest Club39,010
Metro DX Club38,350
Lafayette DX Association35,345
Portage County Amateur Radio Society32,606
Fort Wayne Radio Club32,314
Radio Club of Redmond3718
Central Virginia Contest Club239,080
Deep Dixie Contest Club236,416
Saskatchewan Contest Club224,381
Contest Club du Quebec224,204
South Jersey Radio Association212,156
The Villages Amateur Radio Club211,076
North Fulton Amateur Radio League29,225
Goshen Amateur Radio Club25,495
Long Island CW Club24,346
Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club22,772
Orca DX and Contest Club22,476
Oklahoma City Auto Patch Association22,417
Big Sky Contesters22,197
Silver Comet Amateur Radio Society22,169
Colorado DX Club22,074
Burlington County Radio Club21,400
Central Oregon DX Club21,206
Indianapolis Radio Club21,099
Bolingbrook Amateur Radio Society2561
Sierra Nevafa Amateur Radio Society2560
Bloomington Amateur Radio Association2465
Tri State Amateur Radio Society26
Slovak Contest Group150,820
North Coast Contesters117,368
Georgia Contest Group116,608
Rochester (NY) DX Association116,524
Cuyahoga Amateur Radio Society116,464
Fort Smith Area Amateur Radio Club115,827
Tamiami Amateur Radio Club114,355
Splinter Group Amateur Radio Club111,350
Northeast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society110,170
Albuquerque DX Association19,789
Radiosport Manitoba19,750
Not Quite Workable Contest Club18,200
Queen City Emergency Net17,749
Beemster Contest Club15,772
North Port Amateur Radio Club15,746
Russian Contest Club14,960
SP DX Club14,794
San Diego Contest Club14,690
QSY Society14,392
Allegheny Valley Radio Association14,224
Dial Rado Club13,696
Great Places Contest Club13,480
Pizza Lovers 25912,821
Burlington Amateur Radio Club12,600
Western Illinois Amateur Radio Club12,592
Northern Arizona DX Association12,544
Iowa DX and Contest Club12,508
Boca Raton Amateur Radio Association12,436
Grand Strand Amateur Radio Club12,418
Douglas County Amateur Radio Club12,414
Silver Springs Tadio Club12,403
Sterling Park Amateur Radio Club12,210
Badger Contesters12,028
Order of Boiled Owls of New York12,001
Araucaria DX Group11,836
South Bay Amateur Radio Association11,804
Hoosier DX and Contest Club11,750
Panama City Amateur Radio Club11,620
Two Rivers Contest Club11,488
Louisiana Contest Club11,188
XE Dxers11,188
Fox Cities Amateur Radio Club11,134
Tortolita Contest Club11,054
Bay Area Dxers1950
Wayne County Amateur Radio Club1891
Kitchener-Waterloo Amateur Radio1888
Hazel Park Amateur Radio Club1875
Michigan State University Amateur Radio Club1874
Koomer Ridge Contesters1816
Madison County Amateur Radio Club1665
Delaware Amateur Radio Association1640
Daviess County Amateur Radio Club1580
Story County Amateur Radio Club1561
Orange Park Amateur Radio Club1420
Whitley County Amateur Radio Club1420
Watertown Amateur Radio Club1378
Colorado QRP Club1360
Washington Amateur Communications1320
Patoka Valley Amateur Radio Club1304
Wireless Association of South Hills1300
Bellbrook Amateur Radio Club1285
Nanaimo Amateur Radio Society1176
Douglas County Amateur Radio Club181
The Albermarle Amateur Radio Society164
South Texas DX and Contesting Club136
Southwest Dallas County Amateur Radio Club136
Great South Bay Amateur Radio Club135
Orange County Radio Amateurs124
Stewart Lake Amateur Radio Club19
Hassayampa Amateur Radio Klub11
Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation11

Activity by County

New Haven135026
New London69420
New Hampshire
Rhode Island
Grand Isle3124


Digital (Adobe PDF) certificates will be emailed to everyone who made at least 25 QSOs.

Please come back and enjoy the fun in the 2022 NEQP!!

Special plaques have been awarded to these top scorers:

USA – Single OperatorYankee Clipper Contest ClubBob Patten, N4BP (WN1GIV)
USA – Single Operator Low PowerDave Sumner, K1ZZ, in memory of Laci Radnay, W1PLJeff Hartley, N8II
USA – Single Operator QRPVern Brownell, W1VBVictor Shields, K9UIY
USA – Single Op (W5-W6-W7-W0)Huckleberry Mountain Contest ClubConnie Marshall, K5CM
USA – Single Op (W2-W3-W8-W9)Steve Moynihan, W3SMBill Stravinsky, K3WJV
USA – Single Operator Low Power (W2-W3-W8-W9)Whit Carter, K1EOMetro Sinko, W8MET
USA – Single Operator – OhioTom Miller, W1PDMike Tessmer, K9NW
USA – Single Operator Low Power – W7Michael Therrien, N1MDMark McLauchlin, KN7T
USA – W4 – any categoryGerry Hull, W1VE ex AK4LBob Beaudoin, WA1FCN
USA – Multi-Operator Single-TransmitterWill and Pam Angenent, K6ND/K6NDVValerie Hotzfeld, NV9L (+WB9Z)
USA – Single Operator – CW onlyHamcraftersCharles Stover, K4QS
USA – Single Operator – SSB onlyJim Monahan, K1PX, in memory of Marty Johnson, W3YOZRobert Wright, KZ3P
USA – Single Operator QRP (AR LA MS TN)Steve Kercel, AA4AKJerald Goodchild, K4DZR
Canada – Single Operator high powerChris Terkla, N1XSClaude Duberger, VE2FK
Canada – Single Operator Low PowerGerry Hull, W1VE/VE1RMRino Deschenes, VE9VIC
DX – Single OperatorYankee Clipper Contest ClubLaszlo Vegh, OM2VL
DX – Single Operator Low PowerPete Chamalian, W1RM, in memory of John Thompson, W1BIH/PJ9JTOlivier Seizelet, F1AKK (TM6M)
DX – Single Operator QRPGreater Bridgeport Amateur Radio ClubGeorg Korda, DL4DCA
DX – Southern HemisphereSteve Kercel, AA4AKRafael Guimararaes de Sa, PY4RGS
Clean Sweep – Not First, but Farthest (non-New England, single op only, farthest from Boston MA)Dennis Egan, W1UEJeff Hartley, N8II
Golden Log – no errorsJim Spears, N1NKMike Tessmer, K9NW
Top ClubFlorida Contest GroupPotomac Valley Radio Club
New England – Single OperatorYankee Clipper Contest ClubTom Frenaye, K1KI
New England – Single Operator – Low PowerDave Hoaglin, K1HTPaul Young, K1XM
New England – single operator – QRPBlackstone Valley Amateur Radio ClubPeter Butler, W1UU
New England – MobileBoston Amateur Radio ClubJay Corriveau, W1UJ (NZ1U/m)
New England – Mobile – Multi OperatorBrian Szewczyk, NJ1F, in memory of James Szewczyk, WB1EYMRuss Healy, K2UA/m (+Mike Gilmer, N2MG, oprs)
New England – Mobile – Single Operator (Rookie)Bob Raymond, WA1ZJosef “Jeff” Sipek, AC1JR/m
New England – County Expedition AwardTom Homewood, W1TOMatt Power, KA1R
New England – multi-singleCheshire County DX ARCK1M (Charles Hoppe, AA4LS, Brayden Ebarre, KC1KUG, +Connor Black, W4IPC, oprs)
New England School ClubChris Terkla, N1XSDennis Egan, W1UE (@W1KBN)
New England – Single Operator – CW onlyAndy Bodony, K2LEJack Schuster, W1WEF
New England – Single Operator – SSB onlyFred Reed, KK1KW, and Woody Beckford, WW1WWDale Clement, AF1T
New England – Single Operator High Power Mixed ModeCandlewood ARADave Sumner, K1ZZ
Connecticut – Single Operator Low PowerDick Pechie, KB1H, memorial sponsored by the Barnstormers (NZ1U)Dan Fegley, W1QK
Maine – Single Operator Larry Banks, W1DYJJoe Blinick, K1JB
Maine – Single Operator Low PowerSue, K1RQ, and Brian Szewczyk, NJ1F, in memory of Dana Cobb, K1RQMatt Power, KA1R
Massachusetts – Single OperatorFramingham Amateur Radio AssociationRandy Thompson, K5ZD (AK1W)
Massachusetts – Single Operator Low PowerChuck Counselman, W1HISDave Clemons, K1VUT
Massachusetts – Hampden County – Single OperatorHampden County Radio AssnMike DeChristopher, N1TA
Massachusetts – Single Operator – Best in Western MassachusettsPOTA*413 Western MA Chapter Portable on the AirMatt Wilhelm, W1PY
New Hampshire – Single Operator Mark Wilson, K1ROBill Myers, K1GQ
New Hampshire – Single Operator Low PowerWQ2H Repeater GroupEd Parsons, K1TR
New Hampshire – Multi-Operator Nat Lee, N1BNC, + Dan Norman, N0HFUnity Mountain ARC (Barry/NF1O, Mary Whittemore/NE1F, oprs)
Rhode Island – Single Operator CTRI Contest GroupBill Bliss, W1WBB (AI1TT)
Vermont – Single OperatorBob Raymond, WA1ZKevin Emilio, KE1VT
Vermont – Single Operator Low PowerWest River Radio ClubZach Manganello, K1ZK
New England ClubYankee Clipper Contest ClubCTRI Contest Group

If you’d like to sponsor a new plaque for 2022, please contact us at info@neqp.org

Log Checking

The log checking process was very thorough and most entries lost a few QSOs. There were 947 logs overall, with 938 in electronic format (99.0%) and only 9 on paper. The best operators have error rates in <3% range. The logs we have the most trouble with are those with ADIF files instead of the requested Cabrillo format. ADIF files usually do not have the necessary basic information like entry category.

Mike/K9NW earned the Golden Log plaque in the 2021 contest with no errors in 229 QSOs, followed by John/K4BAI with 222 QSOs and Eugene/W0PI with 205 QSOs also with no errors. Overall, there were 240 logs with no errors overall!

For non-New England stations, cross checking was possible on 43,433 of the 46,793 QSOs reported (92.8%). For New England stations, cross checking was possible for 53,560 of the 84,012 QSOs reported (63.8%).

Logging Software

More than 30 different logging programs were used by NEQP participants. N1MM Logger+ continues to have the lion’s share of the users, QSOs, and points. Not everyone upgrades their logging software to the current version – there were 38 different versions of the N1MM Logger+ software. You should upgrade your software to the current version – many were using outdated versions!

N1MM LOGGER+ 57510,138,436
N1MM LOGGER413,655
TR LOG POST166,670
K2DI HRLOG11,176


You can get a real feel for the contest by going through the various “Soapbox” comments from the big guns, the little guns, and everyone in between.

The 2022 contest is coming up the first weekend of May, so I hope to see everyone active. If you’re from New England, let us know if you’ll be QRV this year – send a message to us at info@neqp.org with the county name(s). We’re working to be sure all counties are active!