2006 Soapbox Comments

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W/VE Stations Outside New England

AB3S – I heard lots more but propagation south was not great, noise was high and QRM for NE stations was horrendous.

AD5WI – A big thank you to the New England stations. My score was pretty bad but had lots of fun. See you next year and 73 to all.

K1GU/4 – Skip is often too long for East Tennessee. Georgia and Florida have a definite advantage. I noticed it last year too, the down easterners, K1PQS, K1JB, K8PO, are louder here and hang in longer than the southern Connecticut types. NB1B, W1RM, AK1W, and K1TTT were generally the loudest across all bands, and K1IB too. W1JQ and his wires was strong on 40 and 80. The migrants K1EP/m, WA1Z/m, and K1KI/m were surprisingly loud at times. Tom must drive fast. He was in CHIVT then 25 minutes later WASRI. I caught him on that, he really was in Vermont. Nobody drives as fast as K1DG, or maybe it was Mrs. K1DG last year. Where was K2KQ East?

K3MQ – Had a great time. Was I the only first Delaware ham ever to participate?

K3TW – I was using either a low Delta loop or the short dipole on the Force 12 C4 at 95 feet. I’m working on my score now, but it looks like it’s just under 20K. I don’t know if this will win the W2-W3-W8-W9 award, but it would be nice. I had a few contacts on 20m, but they were difficult. The stations in Maine obviously were the loudest here in Maryland. Many thanks to the mobile stations for activating the rare counties.

K4OD – Had an absolute blast! First appearance in this contest. Loved it!! Can’t wait until next year!

K4WW – So many contest’s, so little time! In the future, I would suggest that the organizers of State/Area QSO parties, would standardize their exchanges? It would be simpler, if “out of State/Area” participants could use one contest module, especially when there are “overlapping” contests.

K5FA – My K-2 and inverted “L” surprised me – next year will go “all out”. Hope everyone had fun.

K5KG/m – I worked both the 7QP and the NEQP this weekend while mobiling back and forth to the office. I was mobile so I did not attempt to keep a log. Both parties were very active, and I congratulate the sponsors for putting on these great events.

K9CT – I was working three QSO parties that weekend and it was fun switching back and forth. IC-756 Pro III and Alpha 87A, MonstIR at 90 feet and 80 M dipole and 88 feet.

KB6NU – Thanks for running a great contest.

KD2MX – I only had a short time Saturday evening to operate so I missed out on some prime 80M time. Not much happening on Sunday as 40M conditions didn’t seem so good or there just wasn’t much activity. Surprisingly, I didn’t hear one RI CW op. Lots of activity from Maine. Thanks for
for the contest.

KG4URP – Conditions this year were much better than last–managed to double my score with the help of this year’s participants. Many thanks for a fun NEQP.

KJ9C/m – Not as many New Englanders willing to work Indiana for dupes. In fact, conditions may have made fewer W1’s workable from here.

N4DW – A few q’s while I puttered in the shack.

N4PN – WOW! Fun times again as always in the NEQP. Condx were up and down on all bands with slow QSB. Thanks for all of the activity. Most contacts: Tom, K1KI-25, Brian, NJ1F-19, Bob, WA1Z-16, Dave, KD1EJ-14, Ron, KB1LXV-11, Doug,K1DG/N1LI -7. K1EP-6, N1RR-5, and many others w/1 & 2 contacts. Dennis, NB1B won the PN-turn-the-dial-award for moving all over for 9 contacts – everywhere except 10 SSB. Tks to Dave, K1TTT and Norm, W1BYH for many contacts also. Thanks to all of the mobiles and fixed stations for keeping me busy…. My score way down from last year by 147 Q’s…LY 224 cw, TY 209 – LY 442 ssb, TY 310…147 less Q’s but got the sweep. thanks to a lot of people. W1ERV for BRIRI at 1830 utc on Sunday afternoon. SUFMA was no problem this year. WALME has my last county for the sweep in the past and no trouble this year with several mobiles and WA8YIG fixed there. Thanks again and see you next year!!!

The NE QSO Party is still my favorite contest. I have met so many new friends thru that one contest. Every year at Dayton, I run up on someone who has gone out of their way to help me during the NEQP. I wish I had kept better notes as I could one day write a book or certainly an article, about my times in the contest.

N7EIE/m – I enjoyed this contest. See you next year!

N8II – I was working the MARAC contest as my primary focus, sorry for the confusing 599 WV JEFF exchange (county, not my name, Hi!). So, I only made CW QSO’s and I missed quite a few Q’s between the other QSO parties and some breaks. The activity was pretty good except during the day Sunday when only the very biggest guns were readable on 20 except NE ME. Thanks to K1KI and WA1Z especially for the mobile Q’s and counties very helpful to the MARAC effort.

N8NA – Good to hear all the activity

N8XX – I couldn’t get on except for a few hours on Sunday afternoon. Conditions were marginal on 20, and only one station hear on 40. I’ll bet I’m the lowest reported score!

N9LF – Single-Op with Packet assistance, 100 watts

N0HF – Bruce WW1M operated mostly. Worked many in the 7QP and CH crowds, the bands were hopping. Special thanks to K1PIG for hopping in the mobile and going “up the hill” to give us FRA (Franklin county ME) which was a new one. Thanks also to all the mobile W1’s activating the rare counties. Seems like the trend is toward regional QSO parties, there’s talk out here of a Rocky Mt. QSO party. Great things to contemplate during the solar minimum!

NE0P – Nice contest! Last one here using NE0P callsign. Now am W5TD.

NG7Z – Lousy condx on Sunday. Signals were generally weak. Only NB1B and K1TTT had good signals. The mobiles were non existent for the most part. I was operating in the 7th QSO party on Saturday so didn’t do any NEQP stuff that day. Wanted to make some sort of showing for NEQP so the guys would have someone to work in Washington.

NT4XT – Much better than on Mother’s Day weekend. Had an absolute jolly good time. Tnx to those who stayed with me and pulled me out via ESP. Set up was a Corsair @ 5W peaks. 102′ doublet Inv-U with 16′ endangles on either side, or an 80m ocf dipole L. No interface, N3FJP logware manual everything. Surprised myself in that I remembered to change Log Band/Mode every time I changed Radio Band/Mode! 😉

W1RH/6 – Conditions terrible for NEQP. I had a busy weekend but managed to make 22 Q’s. Horrible, but only 100 watts into an R-5.

Really enjoyable contest with some excellent NE ops!

W4CC – I recently finished 6 years as NC Section Manager so I am just getting back into contests again, and am having a blast, but I am not as automated as I need to be in the long run. Next year I should be able to submit electronically. I had a great time in NEQP, glad to see lots of CW activity! Thanks for a great event.

W4NTI – Good activity and decent conditions.

W6PH – Maybe four or five hours of mostly S&P. Very few contacts on Saturday as the 7’s were everywhere and a LOT louder than any 1’s. Almost everything was 20M CW and SSB, not a peep on 15M and just a couple QSOs on 40M. There were some loud signals from New England. NB1B and AK1W were the standout signals.

W6SJ – Didn’t have much time to participate but it was fun during the short times I was able to do so. Great idea! GL next year

W9LHG – Actually, I was in the County Hunters test, but it was a fun free-for-all!

W9OL – great fun in NEQP. Being an unfortunate flatlander, when I really want to be a Down Easter… But, remind you log submitters to edit their Station Location to show the county and state for LoTW qsos they submit. I know counties are activated in LoTW yet..but it will be… I have a couple of LoTW qsls already and both forgot to edit their counties into the log.

W0JPL – TNX GREAT plaque last year. I beat my LY score.

W0PQ – K1 (5 watts) G5RV, courteous operators, fair condx, lots of fun!

WA1FCN/4 – Wow 63 counties last year now 65…..So close Thank you to all the mobiles, you sure made it fun…… Conditions seem poor compared to last year.

WB3DOM – Very nice contest but the bands were lousy into this area.

WB4ZPF – Thanks for your effort in putting on a good one.

DX Stations

CU2JT – My first aim was to defend my result from last year but this time in the HIGH POWER class. After Saturday, the auspices did not look very favourable. 40M was clobbered with the RTTY in the ARI contest and 20M was full of 7QP, INQP and the Italian contest. 15 and 10M were both empty on New Englanders. Sunday started with very weak signals from the US on 20m and still no sign of any NE on 15. 40M opened around 9PM local time and then it was just hard work scanning the band for any stations not yet in the log. The work did pay off and when the last QSO was made just before deadline, I had 121 contacts in 47 counties and points in the 5 figure range. I managed to work the missing counties in MA, ME and NH but where the Rhode Island stations ? I heard two and got one of them in the log but the Providence station did never call CQ as I heard. A special thanks to Tom, K1KI, who gave me many good multipliers and always heard me.

DL5AWI – Not good condx and deep QSB-phases…Much of work, because several parties… Hope time next year and SSB QSOs also to win the NEQP… 😉

HA2MN – It has been a pleasure again to take part in this year’s QSO Party. The propagation was very poor on 20 m, especially on the second period, almost similar to last year’s radio blackout situation. Surprisingly 40 m opened well before New England sunset that helped much to achieve more Qs than ever before. Thanks for Qs and I hope to meet more and more NE stations in the oncoming years when solar minimum is left behind. Rig TS-530SP 100W into a multiband vertical loop (on the wall of the house).

HA7UG – Thanks to all, enjoyed indeed ! C U next year

NP2/AB8CK (UA3AGW) – My another effort in NEQP but from Caribbean. What a great difference with QRV from my home UA3 QTH! Just arrived in St. Thomas and got on the radio after a couple of refreshment drinks. Though it was less than 2 hours before the contest ended, I managed to log about 40 NEQP participants including some very loud mobiles. Some guys were really confused either with my NP2 prefix or last letter K of my suffix, so it killed some time. Thanks to everyone who worked me and see you next year! 73’s Dima

OM5NL – It was my first activity in this contest, so I did not expect many stations and I did not use logging software. Maybe next year, HI.

VA7ST – Ran CW only in this one. Had fun looking for New England stations on 20M — busy place at times. Was switching logging programs and logs to work five different tests at one time (NEQP, 7QP, ARI-DX, INQP, and MARAC County Hunters). Enjoyed the weekend. Thanks to the mobiles, organizers and log checkers.

VE3CRU – Started at 2330z and was on a roll. My first time in the NEQP and it was lots of fun, especially trying to find the many mobiles out there. The activity was great on Saturday, but sure dwindled on Sunday in comparison. I knew when I heard Paul N4PN say late Sunday in calling CQ, “there must be one more out there” that I was not the only one having trouble finding another new Q. Last logged QSO was 1844z. I stopped hours ahead of contest end, too
tired to continue. I worked K1ESE on both 40 and 20, never realizing he was qrp. Got WA1Z/m 4 times, K1KI/m and KB1LXV/m each twice. Was not aware mobiles may be on a county line and possibly missed with K1KI and WA1Z if either was on a county line at any time. KB1LXV was my first ever county line straddler in a QSO Party contest. Thanks to all participants, and to the sponsors. I look forward to seeing the full results for this year.

VE5BF – Enjoyed the QSO party. Will be looking forward to nest year.

VE9DX – was not serious in the NEQP at all. Just gave out a few points. Did not bother with using any contest software this time… Condx were the pits here.

New England Stations

AA4AK/1 – Geomagnetic storm 2 years running

AB1EF (@W1ON) –
We did okay we think – combined score of something like 2470. Quite a few multipliers and much fun! We operated multi-single, low power. (but based on the rules, it looks like there is no power category inside multi-single) This is the first time we’ve set up and used N1MM, and we did not have the computer / radio interface up, so the freqs listed are band-wise only. If there’s anything else funky, we’ll chalk that up to inexperience. Thanks very much for running this great contest! We’ll be back next year!

K1EP/m – Well, I thought I would do more counties, but my newer laptop would not cooperate. It is a power hog compared to my older laptop. It would only last about 40 minutes on a full charge. The power inverter would not power the brick when the car was off or when the radio was transmitting. So that limited me to 40 minutes on or so, and maybe an hour or two to charge to about 50%or 60%. I even went out in the middle of the contest to buy a bigger and better power inverter, rated at 400W. It still wouldn’t power the brick, it would whine and trip when presented with the non-resistive load. I gave up after the first few hours. I did go out a couple of times locally on Sunday to hand out the much needed Suffolk county though. And to those who send QSO B4, mobiles count in each new county. That on top of the laptop got me to quit on Saturday. And why is it, when I arrive at one of those park and ride lots on a Saturday afternoon, does it suddenly become a magnet for everyone else to drop off or congregate? At one stop a huge cross country type bus pulled up and parked right behind me. Anyway, I hope everyone had fun and it was fun to hand out the Qs that I did.

K1ESE – Great chance to try out my new call – K1ESE. Thanks to all who dug out my QRP signal

K1EV – Another great NE QSO Party. Finally settled into new QTH, but lost the tower and beam. Wires in the trees worked well, but poor planning caused me to miss much of the contest. Cranked power up to 100w to make things easier and had a lot of fun. See you all next year – thanks to all for their participation. 73, Bill

K1FK –
I know you guys spend a lot of time doing the logs, scoring, web pages, certificates, plaques, etc., and I personally THANK YOU for your time spent to put New England on the map and promote the contest. The NEQP is (IMHO) the best [QSO Party] run in the ‘States’ and the most visible to the world of [-QSO Parties]! I receive 100’s of QSL requests for Aroostook County each year and about 20% are from DX requests! And I just love to ‘oblige’! May I suggest a new/special category for future NEQPs … TopBand (aka 160M) … a mobile sub-category on TopBand would also be interesting!

Horrible propagation conditions Sunday with major geomagnetic disturbances noted in northern Maine (N47.11) most of the day, akin to conditions last year. Auroral flutter noted on daytime 40M signals on N-S paths.

K1GQ –
100W + G5RV; 20 hours x 6 CQs per minute. Can’t remember why I did that right now, but I’ll probably do it again next year.

A lot of fun – with the Ind QP and the “7” land QP helped to have a lot on the air.

K1JB –
I knew I wouldn’t have much time on Sunday, so I put most of my time (7.5 hrs) in on Saturday after returning from Hopkinton. Forty meters, and what little there was on 80 was mostly CW, but I did better on 20 SSB than CW. Probably because of the casual ops who stopped in to say hello on SSB. They don’t seem to do that as much on CW. There seemed to be an endless supply of ops from Florida — many of them 1’s and 2’s. Never heard a thing on 10 or 15. Missed ND, PQ (I always seem to miss PQ, even though they’re right next door), NB (ditto), HI, NF and LB and the upper left part of Canada. I kept the beams pointed SW, so only worked a few Europeans and other DX. I did have a couple of nice ones (5B and YI) call in which kept it interesting. Hope to be able to travel again next year. I’m curious to hear how the mobiles did on Sunday. The bands sounded pretty quiet to me during the relatively short periods I was on.

K1KD – This was a tag-team effort that I did with my dad, K0JGH. My folks were visiting from Iowa over the weekend, and I convinced my dad to join me in this contest. We ran mostly on 20m and 80m and enjoyed working many 7 stations. This year was my first time putting in a semi-serious effort for this contest. I thought the activity level was very good and enjoyed operating from one of the more rare counties in New England.

K1KI – Tough conditions most of Sunday but things picked up in the last hour – what a rush -106 QSOs from three counties (almost 15% of my total!).

Only got a couple of hours in this year. It still is a lot of fun!

K1PX –
First, congratulations and thanks for another VY FB NEQP!!!

K1QW – Enjoyed my first NEQP. Thanks a lot, folks!

K1RK – I enjoy the limited time for the QSO party! 40 and 20 meters were reasonably good, not much activity Saturday night on 75 – at least not when I was on the band. The suggested 75 phone frequency seems to be in the middle of the AM window perhaps another frequency as a watering hole could be found.

K2LE/1 – The regular confusion by the overlapping contests was a bit more this year; besides the the regular ARI contest, the W7 and Indiana QSO parties were all running simultaneously, not to mention the RTTY contest covering 7040 +/- 15 Khz.

K5ZD(@AK1W) –
Conditions were funny and it seemed like most of the ham radio world was outside enjoying Spring rather than being inside on the radio! I would tune across a band that sounded dead except for a few loud signals. Very frustrating on Saturday. The 7-land QSO Party activity was intense and made it difficult to get much of a run going. Since the 7-land contest started in the morning, it seemed to have captured the imagination of those on the band. Never worked so many WY, MT, and ID stations in one weekend! I was hoping Sunday would be better once the 7s were gone, but by then the conditions had cratered. Skip was very long on 40m. Often couldn’t hear any of the locals.

For some reason, I had it in my mind that DX multipliers were limited to maximum of 20. So I stopped chasing countries when I reached that number. Only to find after the contest that there was no limit on DX! Ended up with 25 countries. Most were thanks to the ARI contest! (A great contest – wish I had a way to log both.) For ARI QSOs, I would give them the serial number of the current QSO.

Best runs were on 20m. Lots of casual guys willing to give out a point. I started giving out honest signal reports just to see if that would encourage more guys to call in. Will have to continue that experiment next year. Missed mults: SD, KH6, KL7, VE2. My only complaint is that this contest is too long. Would be more interesting if it was a 12 hour dash beginning at 12z on Sunday. Nice doing low power. Can change bands any time and don’t have to mess with retuning the amp.

KB1CIW/m -Conditions were less than ideal for a 50 watt mobile whip station but I worked almost everyone I could hear and did some calling too. Due to Murphy’s Law, the club station W1NRG, was not active this year, but we will try again next year.

KB1LXV/m [now WA1RB] – Another fun NEQP with beautiful weather and decent band conditions. Big thanks to Paul, N4PN for adding to the fun and being around for every county I operated from. Pictures and more details will be posted at http://kb1lxv.com/neqp2006

KC1V – Could only operate 4-1/2 hours, but it was great fun.

KD1EJ/m –
Saw my first moose when leaving Bennington VT at 5:45am on 7A North heading to Washington County. Great time – can’t wait for next year!

– I think next year might be the year I get a real antenna up. I made some contacts, more than last year. I did more on CW than other times but I still am not as fast as the majority…but I work them anyway and if I have to I wait for their info to be sent again as many times as I have to to copy it.

KD1YV – It’s been quite awhile since I was on the receiving end of a pileup. On Saturday night, I put out a couple of calls, and was deluged for the next 45 minutes. What a neat feeling!

KK1W(@W1NY) -Another great time to be had again this year. Thanks everyone for putting this together. HCRA fielded two club calls for this year’s NEQP. W1NY was QRV from Hampshire County at the Quabbin Reservoir Tower and WB1Z was QRV from the KK1W shack. No roving this year! I didn’t have a lot of time to spend this year but the few hours I got to operate were a lot of fun, especially the pile-up on 20M CW just before the end of the contest! Already looking forward to next year’s NEQP. Hmmm, roving again, portable, ???

KK1X – WooHoo! 17 Qs!

KM1P – I called CQ on 40M CW for the last 45 minutes of the contest last night, and 51 people found me — none from New England!

KT1J – It was fun! Sorry I could not spend more time. Also, antennas for 40 and 80 are down.

N1ABY – Had a good time. Not quite as many Q’s or Mults as last year. See ya next year!

N1API – 10 was dead. 15 never opened. A 20 meter mono this time!

N1DS – Worked briefly in NEQP despite all my hopes and hypes. Probably as fun and confidence building as any multiop run I ever had tho simply 5 Qs in a row as fast as they showed up but I was calling cq and using my infamous delta loop of recent mention. Run was trivial looking but represents an attitudinal milestone here. I think ergo, I Can: produce lots more than I have allowed myself. Even with this brief Test & micro.

N1FJ – 121 – This is only significant since this is more Q’s than I’ve made in years! Most of my W1’s were on 80 meters Sat. nite. No daytime action on 80. Lots of W4, W8, W9. (It’s a lot easier to copy a state than a county and a state!) It’s just as well you missed me — I got nervous and was a real lid at
times…Especially when the CO alarm went off (false alarm). “FD prep” operation: battery power and random wire antenna, op time ~10 hours +

N1GLT – This is my first contest and had a great time. Next year I will have a computer log. 73

N1MD – Bands bad! Unexpected social committments. Hardward glitches. Phew! See you next year!

N1RR/m – We went 913 miles this weekend… 651 during the contest. Looks like 873 QSOs on paper. No idea of mults. 40m was sure weird Sunday afternoon with almost no W1s heard. And 20m was pretty poor also. Even so, better totals than last year! Good work. At 20MPG that’s $ 90 in the test. 651 / 20 hrs = 32.55 MPH.

I installed my gear in my new (new to me) 1988 Dodge 1/2 ton pickup Saturday morning. WM1K was to drive for me.
He was sick in bed. So, my “SO+Driver” installation was now not perfect for “SO-Driving”. Too late to change. Swung by RadioShack to grab a 102″ whip and parts to mount an antenna in the hole in the front bumper which gave me a third antenna. Mounted a 15M on the front bumper, 20M on the triple mag/mag-mount on roof and guyed a 40M in the bed on a single mag near the tailgate. Would open tailgate for 40M operation later. Truck’s ECM/ECU is on the driver-side front fender next to the battery. Found this out AFTER the 15M bumper ant was installed. I have previously started the NEQP from some familiar location between 30 to 50 miles away. Tried a new strategy this time. Drove to the West side of the Quabbin Resevoir into Franklin Co., MA (110 miles) and started there. The truck radiated fine, but the ergonomics of the seat and seatback was not conducive to IRON-PANTS operating. Driving that long before making QSOs resulted and in an earlier case of soreness. The 20M tri-mag got blown off the roof while driving up a south-west facing hill on I-84 North by a natural gust. I figure I was travelling 60MPH + 30 MPH gust did it. It landed safely in the guys of the 40 in the bed. The forty went over the tailgate but no damage.

N1ZN – A great contest and getting more popular every year.

N8WXQ – As usual great fun.

NB1B – What a fun weekend! Actually ran 3 contests at the same time- ARI, 7QP, and NEQP. I didn’t bring the log home with me, so its going to be several days before I can unravel the mess. Virtually all the 15M QSOs were people that moved for me, and even that didn’t work after noon on Sunday. 15M was actually better than it seemed, but no one was there. Multipliers missed: HI, AK, PEI, NF, LB, YUT, NUV, NWT, DC. No JAs, no Oceania, no Africans outside EA8 and CN, but YI, 4L, 4K, and numerous UA9s were worked. Since I actually ran this as 3 contests at the same time, I may find either missing mults or extra mults when I go through and unravel the counties (7QP) and serial numbers/identifiers (ARI) from the callsign field. Only SSB activity was on 20M, and it was an endless pit; efforts to get runs going on 40/80M quickly petered out. Had fun passing N4PN and AD4EB to multiple band/modes, but was not able to hear either of them on 10M. Also worked KU8E/m 8 times as he changed counties in IN and MI. He wasn’t the only out-of-state mobile I worked multiple times- do we get QSO credit for all those QSOs?

NE1RD – I had a great time in the contest with my K2! You can’t beat the fun of a QSO party. Everybody was relaxed, enjoying the contacts and not neurotic about run-rates and scores. Many thanks to those who were patient with my 3 or 4 thumbs on the paddles for those CW QSOs.

NJ1F/m – In spite of poor conditions I did put 19 counties on the air and had a lot of fun and driving around New England on two fine spring days! Other interesting things in the contest:

  • Working N4PN in all VT counties
  • Being called by RK2FWA who was by far the loudest signal I heard all weekend!
  • A lot of the power lines in Northern VT Counties need to be serviced as RFI from them was S-9 plus 20! Did you notice this? This was not BPL but just AC line noise!

Looking ahead to next years NEQP.

  1. Do a multi Op mobile (The FQP has a class where the is a driver with a single op and a Mobile Multi single category. NEQP should look at adding a couple of mobile classes) I was a “true” single op mobile both days of the contest as I did the operating and driving.
  2. Put more Counties on the Air

W1END – Didn’t hear many NE mobiles. Guess the skip went elsewhere. Did about the same as last year. See you again next year. Rig was TS830s and Butternut HF6V vertical

W1FJ –
poor conditions but lots of fun

W1JQ –
I was amazed. I met just about all of my goals (more total Qs, more mults), except for 700 QSOs. And this at the bottom of the sunspot
cycle, AND with the K level at 4 and 5 for most of Saturday. Never expected this to be a “personal best.” I spent most of the time running. I’m at the point where I can usually handle pileups that are 2 or 3 deep, but I still screw up horribly when something more drastic happens–unless someone really loud comes along. The only down side: I’m really looking forward to seeing some action on 15 and 10 again. See you next year…

W1OH –
Just managed to sneak in a few CW contacts in a weekend filled with other events, but enjoyed that short time in any case! NEQP is a fun event!

W1PTX – First NEQSO party,had a lot of fun!!

W1QK – I hope that I got all of the County abbreviations correct. Lots of contests for the weekend…. would like to see more guys listen down on the CW bands.

W1RM – Well it was fun – sorta. Conditions were the pits starting Saturday evening. Local QRN made 15 a mess, static crashes on 80 and 40 were a joy, all the RTTY on 40 was fun, the 4 other QSO Parties made for some interesting dupes and ARI was a great source of mults! It was neat to have ZC4LI call me on 80 cw.

W1SK – Wow, my first contest, I wish I did better, but what a blast! I hope my log is right. Thanks for the fun!

W1TO -Tried to pass out a few contacts from home when not operating at K1TTT. Maybe we should use common (to other contests) abbreviations of counties next year, or maybe at least state first like the 7 party.

W1WEF – First time I ever operated in a contest from the Cape…even though I’ve had a place there and a tower for over 20 years! Started with a nice run on 20, thanks to the 7QP and ARI contests in part. After that, I read my new NCJ while operating the rest of the 4 hours total.

W1WIU – After missing last year’s QSP, I was looking forward to 2006. Missed WAS by 2 (NY&NJ). Meet many relocated Rhode Islanders. Great fun, as always. See you next year !

W1XX – My HD crashed with about 15 minutes to go in the contest!!! So no log this year. Last I looked at the totals I had about 450 Q’s, 2/3 CW, and about 60 mults. Operated this time with only an 80 meter dipole at 50 ft and 100 watts. Antennas go up on the recently installed 100 ft rotating tower, so next year will have a full compliment of antennas. I was pretty popular for RI, as many were telling me RI was not an easy get this year. Hope someone got on from some of the rarer counties like Newport and Bristol, which I did not work. And only worked a precious few from Providence and Kent and no one from my own county Washington. Great fun as always. CU next year. 73!!

WA1ZYX – Conditions were pretty good and I had a personal best for only one day of operation! The counties should still count as mults for us New Englanders!!

WB1ARU+WA1ENO – great qso party, had a lot of fun.

WB1EDI – Not much SSB activity. I tried a short CW run but got frustrated with to many repeats. then later i slowed down the speed and got quite a few and had an easier time with slower speeds. at 30WPM i can get someone elses run as i can listen to it a few times before i send my call. cant do that when running. oh well, i had fun but did take off a few times for enjoying the nice weather. did much better then last year. i guess running helps, especially in this contest. Mary/N1OZF did some running a few times on SSB and got used to the new call.