2013 New England QSO Party

by Tom Frenaye, K1KI – frenaye@pcnet.com

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It was another nice May weekend for the 2013 New England QSO Party! Quite a few new records were set and the sun provided improved band conditions compared to 2012.

We received 470 logs with 30 from DX stations, 17 from Canada, 241 from the USA and 182 from New England. The logs combined to show 73,482 valid QSOs. There were 765 different New England stations reported, down a bit from last year, but all counties were available and three stations worked them all – Paul/N4PN, Julius/N2WN and Charlie/NF4A. Dima/RA9USU at RL3A worked 66 counties, just missing one of the mobiles by ten minutes for the last one he needed.


Solar activity was up a little bit in 2013, and it showed with increased QSO totals on 15m, and small increase on 10m. Totals on 80m were down. There were no big solar flares or solar storms during the contest so it was smooth sailing for most.

Valid QSOs 80m 40m 20m 15m10m
QSOs made by W1s2,87416,68723,1817,031409
Different stations worked 3391,943 4,145 1,842 133
QSOs made by non-W1s1,0115,79410,2512,792119
Different stations worded8121841015143


Bob/WA1Z/m had quite a trip through 15 counties in Maine and seven in New Hampshire. His 1,472 QSOs smashed the old single operator mobile record and gathered a record 251,768 points. Kurt/W6PH was his navigator, dodging the potholes, deer and moose out for a look at the well-oiled mobile machine passing through.

WA1Z/m – Thanks to everyone who called in this weekend. There were literally dozens of repeat callers from the Canadian Maritimes to California. That really makes county changes so much fun in those first few minutes. Thank you to all and I hope all the NEQP activity kept things interesting on your end! Top QSO total goes to N2WN with 45, followed by N4PN (40), W0EA (31), and NF4A (30). Also had a dedicated group of repeat DX callers: the most being RL3A with 24, followed by UA3AGW (17), OK2EC (15), SP1AEN (13), AH6RE and EA6AZ (5), DK3BN, UA6LCN and SM5CSS (4), PA0LOU and PA3AAV (3) and more. Thanks again to Tom, K1KI, for organizing another great NEQP!

Station – Radio: Elecraft K3, 100 watts. Antennas: Hustler monoband resonators 80-10. Resonators mounted on Hustler MO-2 masts. Two antenna mounts available on the rear hatch. Logging: Computer logging on laptop powered by combination of internal batteries and sealed jump-start batteries.

From an implementation point of view, this was a carbon copy of last year’s effort. Kurt, W6PH, and I joined forces again with Kurt doing the driving while I operated. I sat in the passenger side back seat with the K3 and Win-Keyer set up on a small table to my left. I used a lap desk to hold the laptop and paddle. With the right amount of pressure against the desk or car door, I managed to keep things stable enough to operate as we traveled through the winding back roads of Maine.

Two Comet antenna mounts are installed on the back of the car for quick switching between two bands. These are trunk-lip mounts that are not designed to be used with the medium-duty MO-2 masts. To make the antennas very secure, I constructed a harness made from PVC sections that extends from the car’s roof rack for added stability. Once again, Kurt kept us on schedule in our trek through 22 total counties involving 32 county changes.

Conditions and activity were fantastic. It was nice to have 15 Meters as another option to keep the rate up, especially in Maine’s larger northern counties. I got a couple requests to move to 10 Meters. I moved as soon as we could pull over safely, but found no activity each time.

One of the many highlights of the weekend was getting called by JA4DND and JO7WXN on 15 Meters Saturday afternoon. When we were still looking for OK and MS on Sunday afternoon, Kurt kept crossing his fingers when every W5 called. Lots of thumbs-up signs were exchanged between the front and back seat as multipliers called in, especially in the last hours of the contest on Sunday when YU2A, VE7CV, K5FA (MS), XE1/AA0AA, and TF3Y called in.
NEQP always seems to have a nice activity increase on Sunday afternoon and this year was no different. Combined with the fact that Belknap NH was still needed by many of the NEQP Deserving, the final two hours produced QSO rates of 107 and 123! Funny to hear later that KM3T/Kelly and WA1Z/W6PH were on a “collision course” of sorts, racing to BELNH! Glad we were both able to get a couple sweeps out of it for folks. The multiplier breakdown is 52 State/Prov and 35 DX mults. 487 unique callsigns were worked this weekend.

Tom/K1KI/m focused on Vermont and western Massachusetts, making 855 QSOs from 21 counties – 13/VT, 4/NH, 3/MA and his home county in CT. Dave/KM3T/m started in NH and made the southeastern tour in MA, RI and CT with 18 counties and 785 QSOs. Sean/KX9X/m improved on his previous NEQP effort and 378 QSOs from CT and RI, split between CW and SSB.

KM3T/m – This obviously takes more planning – very impromptu operation and all sending by hand. I’ll never do that again! Great activity! Rig: Icom IC-7000 100wAntennas: Hamsticks (one at a time) Logging: SkookumLogger (Mac)Driver: Kelly (YL) – boy do I owe her now Sending: Almost all by hand. Been >20 years since I did that for this many hours. On day 2 I programmed the IC-7000 M1 to at least CQ. I would have done that on day one but those MA counties go by fast.

Wow, that was fun – for some value of fun.

Last-minute decision to go do a little NEQP expedition. I knew WA1Z and K1KI were going north so I decided to head south with a very minimal plan and then work back toward home. Basically did a big loop from home in HILNH down toward Boston from the north, then along the coast of MA to just about Cape Cod and then west toward RI/CT. Then north and east through CT and back north into MA/NH. Stopped at home for a break then went to do MERNH and BELNH because NF4A needed BELNH for a sweep. He will buy me a beer in Dayton I think. Little did I know that WA1Z was approaching BELNH from the north at the same time I was approaching from the south. Totally randomly we were about 1 mile from each other at the same time. Only second time I ever heard/worked him all weekend!

Hats off to all the out of state ops in this one – they were there religiously for every county change. DX stations had really decent signals – best DX was UA0WW on 15m late Sunday morning. RL3A was loud and even worked me on 40m!

It’s easy to get sucked into this contest. Only regret is not staying up Saturday night to work a few more hours! Also regret not trying 15m more- next year will plan to have my K3 and two hamsticks or the IC-7000 and a multiband mobile antenna.

Brian/NJ1F/m combined operating at NE1QP with a multi-operator mobile trip with Tom/W1TO, covering 13 counties in VT and MA, making 164 QSOs.

Outside of New Engalnd, Tim/K9WX/m in the Indiana QSO Party snagged 38 QSOs with New England stations to lead the small group of single operator mobile logs. Matt/K7BG/m handed out 10 Idaho contacts to some lucky New England stations as well while operating in the 7QP.

USA/VE/DX Results

Check here for detailed results –> Score detail
and for band-by-band info for the leaders –>  Band-by-band

USA outside New England

Paul/N4PN continued his perfect record of winning the NEQP with a 63,516 point effort in the single operator high power category, working all 67 counties, and 329 CW and 290 SSB QSOs. That tied his 2009 record when he had the exact same score but 278 CW and 392 SSB contacts. Dave/N4DW in Tennessee was second in the US, with Bob/N4BP using WN1GIV from Florida turning in the number three score. The rest of the top ten were Georgia’s John/K4BAI and Craig/K9CT from Illinois.

Competition in the low power category was quite tight. Joel/NA4K took the ribbon (and plaque) with 247 CW and 85 SSB contacts, 60 counties and a 34,740 point total from Tennessee. Paul/W8TM did the job from Ohio, with 27,664 points, just ahead of Jeff/N8II in WV at 26,600, Bert/N4CW in NC with 26,564, and Tom/N2CU with 20,680 from NY. Low power is always the most popular category. The number 5 to 10 positions are held by Larry/N9AUG in OH, Gary/W4GDG in VA, Tom/KG4CUY in AL, Tom/K4ZGB in AL and Mark/KI0I from MO.

There were two superstars in the QRP category. Julius/N2WN was everywhere, putting 323 CW and 73 SSB QSOs into his TN log, plus all 67 counties for a 48,173 score. Not far behind was Tom/W0EA in IA with 254 CQ and 100 SSB QSOs, 65 counties and a significant 39,585 points. Both scores would have won the low power (100w) category! Jim/K8MR grabbed the third QRP spot with a part-time effort from OH also chasing 7QP stations.

Charlie/NF4A topped the multi-single scores by working all 67 counties and 439 QSOs for 49,245 points from FL, a bit ahead of Bob/WA1FCN in AL with 382 QSOs in 60 counties for 35,940. Third went to N4VV with 22,880. The San Diego Contest Club station NX6T had help from seven operators and snared the 4th spot. The rest of the top ten came from Dick/N4ARO in TN, John/W9ILY from IL, Jim/K9YC from CA, Barry/N2BJ in IL, Hank/W6SX in CA and Henry/K4HAL also from AL Dave/N9FN (+K9FN) operated portable in the INQP and worked a bunch of New England stations. They have quite a portable set-up!


We’ve never had a tie score at the top before but VE1RGB and VE4VT pulled it off with big efforts. Gary/VE1RGB did it with 189 CW-only QSOs, while Ed/VE4VT had 144 CW and 90 SSB QSOs. Each worked 53 counties and ended up with 20,034 points to lead the single operator category from Canada.

In the high power category, Ken/VE3KP was the leader with 143 QSOs and a new Ontario record. Mike/VE9AA entered the multi-single category this time and set a Canadian record with 143 QSOs and 18,666 points from New Brunswick. Also of note are a new high power record by Bill/VY2LI from Prince Edward Island, and a new Quebec low power record by Serge/VE2AWR.


Single op + cluster = multi single. Combined 3 QSO parties, so QSO count and scores are just wild guesses,
nowhere’s near to reality. (OK, probably in the ballpark, but not to be used for stats, awards, letters of congrats or yummy pie charts….hihi. Well, going in I knew this would be a tuff slug as it always is, being right next door. These guys are my neighbors. I installed a cloud burner multiband dipole @ 10′ just in case it would help with the close in guys ….it did in certain cases, but usually the ground planes were best. There was a little relief in the fact of an Es opening Saturday night which put a few guys in the log on 15m and to a lesser extent, 20m that otherwise would’ve been unworkable.

WA1Z/M has amaaaaazing ears. There was only 1 time in all the times he appears in my log (15) which he struggled to copy me. That guy can copy CW !!! 90% of the time he was literally a whisper here and I usually listened to him send his exchange to other guys a few times before I was sure of his cty. Then I’d wait for a peak, then call…..whew !
Ditto KM3T/M, though he was usually farther away and had a louder signal. I can’t forget K1KI/m, KX9X/m, nor the many portables and home stns out there.

I do believe New England was well represented this year. I probably had my best score. Sadly, I didn’t read the fine print until AFTER the contest, and have to submit as a M/S, as I did have the packet turned on this year. For most of the biggie contests, I never use packet, but sometimes for the QSO parties it becomes hard to find guys, so this year I thought I’d try it ….DOH! I made a good number (nearly 100) contacts on 20m , the overwhelming majority of them literally right at the noise level. I am happy to report there are very few alligator stations in New England (though there are still a couple….ARGH) (hi) Cheers from “up here” in NB……


The big news from overseas was Dima/RA9USU’s single operator high power effort from RL3A. Dima managed to make 359 QSOs with New England stations and 40,062 points, setting a new record for a DX entrant. He only missed Aroostook County Maine in his quest for all counties. Dima, also N2OW, has long sponsored a plaque for the top score from Russia, requiring at least 200 QSOs, now he’s the first one to earn it.

Dima’s big effort from RL3A overshadowed the second place score from Dima/UA3AGW who had 24,840 points from 216 QSOs in 60 counties in what normally would have been the top DX score. He did with the Golden Log plaque for having the highest score with no errors, quite an accomplishment from 4,500 miles away listening to weak mobiles…

In the low power category, Wladyslaw/SP1AEN topped the list with a DX record of 20,748 points from 182 CW QSOs in 57 counties. Step/OK2EC wasn’t far behind with 16,308 points and a new record from the Czech Republic.

QRPer Fulvio/IV3AOL improved on his effort from last year by scoring 7,740 points with 91 QSOs at the 5w level and a new DX record.

IV3AOL operating position

For a full list of current records –>  Records

New England Results

Dave/NN1N topped the single operator high power category with a 159,965 point score, with 546 CW and 403 SSB contact and 107 multipliers from Connecticut. Right behind him was Andy/K2LE operating W2FOC in Vermont. Andy’s 158,592 score from 892 CW QSOs and 96 multipliers was just 1,373 point behind Dave. Gene/W3UA placed third from his New Hampshire QTH in his first serious NEQP effort.

In the SO low power category, the title went to Bruce/K1BG with a new Massachusetts record of 126,984 points from 689 CW QSOs and 250 on SSB. He had 78 multipliers, plus worked the most W1 counties of any SOLP station in New England. Bruce says he only intended to operate for a few hours, “but got hooked.” Second place was earned by Mike/N1TA, also from MA, and Karl/K1KX was third from his QTH in RI.

Steve/AA4AK has been active in the NEQP since 2005, earning a large collection of second place QRP scores. This year he broke the barrier and came in with a first place score to with the plaque. From his QTH in southern Maine, Steve had 50,716 points from 409 CW QSOs. Second place went to John/N1HFE, a newcomer from New Hampshire, and third went to Chris/W1MR in NH.

The NE1QP multi-single effort from K1TTT’s station in western MA was operated by Michael/K1MK, Tom/W1TO, and Brian/NJ1F. They gathered 847 CW and 545 SSB QSOs for 263,235 points, just edging out the Barnstormers/NZ1U team of Ken/K1RAX, Paul/WR1X, Mark/NB1U, and Jay/W1UJ, in Connecticut witih 241,101 points from 431 CW and 1007 SSB QSOs. The Fall River ARC fielded their big trailer in a multi-multi configuration as W1ACT and stacked up 401,000 points from 860 CW and 1060 SSB contacts from Martha’s Vineyard (Dukes County) MA. The operators were KA1EZH, KB1JBC, KB1TWA, KE1LI, N1JOY, N1PMB, W1DJG, W1UE, and W2DAN.

Check here for detailed results –> Score detail
and for band-by-band leaders –> Band-by-band

More than 40 New England records were set in various categories during the NEQP in 2013. Check out the NEQP records page for details –> Records

How’d you do hunting multipliers?

Eight stations worked more than 60 counties, and three had them all in the log. Paul/N4PN, Julius/N2WN, and Charlie/NF4A worked all 67 counties. but not far behind were Dima/RL3A/66, W0EA/65, and Dima/UA3AGW, Joel/NA4K and Bob/WA1FCN with 60. N2WN and W0EA were operating QRP…

Working all of the New England counties is nearly impossible from New England, and isn’t very useful when the multiplier for W1 stations is states, provinces and countries, not counties. Even so, some New England stations worked a lot of New England counties, with W1ACT logging 52, John/W1AN found 50, and Bruce/K1BG Don/W1DWA and Dan/KB1VWQ each working 49 of them.

Club Competition

The Tennessee Contest Group claimed the club title again this year with 157,669 points from eight significant entries, led by Julius/N2WN, Joel/NA4K and Dave/N4DW. Florida Contest Group led by Charlie/NF4A was second, just ahead of the up and coming Alabama Contest Group with Bob/WA1FCN at the top.

In New England, the Fall River ARC mounted another effort from Dukes County (Martha’s Vineyard) MA to take the top club plaque. Others with a significant number of entries are noted in bold type below. (The Yankee Clipper Contest Club submitted 63 scores for 2.9 million points.)

Non-New England Club Scores

Tennessee Contest Group8157,669
Florida Contest Group991,985
Alabama Contest Group690,565
Potomac Valley Radio Club678,759
Georgia Contest Group263,516
Mad River Radio Club655,775
Yankee Clipper Contest Club252,000
South East Contest Club449,134
Maritime Contest Club345,174
Society of Midwest Contesters539,073
Northern California Contest Club635,307
DELARA Contest Team234,022
Frankford Radio Club531,034
North Coast Contesters230,052
Metro DX Club327,516
Russian Contest Club227,513
Minnesota Wireless Assn525,690
San Diego Contest Club121,952
Czech Contest Club116,308
Allegheny Valley Radio Association113,300
Mississippi Valley DX/Contest Club210,788
Mother Lode DX/Contest Club39,880
Kansas City Contest Club18,865
Bristol (TN/VA) ARC17,980
ARI Trieste17,740
Kansas City DX Club17,722
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club97,275
Thumb Area Contesters16,840
Derby City DX Association16,240
Southern Berkshires ARC15,698
Radio Club of Redmond25,176
Gloucester Co ARC14,949
Western Washington DX Club24,760
Southwest Ohio DX Assoc14,650
Bavarian Contest Club34,336
Coos County Radio Club (Oregon)13,936
Willamette Valley DX Club23,368
Central Oregon DX Club13,286
Orca DX and Contesting Club23,235
Lafayette DX Association22,850
Beemster Contest Club12,784
Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers12,730
Utah DX Association12,160
Isothermal ARC12,133
Northeast Wisconsin DX Assoc12,046
Western New York DX Assn11,820
Iowa DX and Contest Club11,794
South Texas DX and Contest Club11,716
DFW Contest Group21,520
Wilderness Road ARC11,474
Southern California Contest Club11,298
Michael Pupin W1BCD11,220
Eli Lilly Radio Club11,196
Four Lakes Amateur Radio Club21,118
Quarter Century Wireless Assoc1680
Southern Utah DX Club1630
Contest Club Ontario1544
Central Texas DX and Contest Club1480
Fox River Radio League1435
Ft Smith Area ARC1300
Snohomish County Hams Club198
Acadiana Amateur Radio Association196
Williamsburg Area ARC191
Arrow Communications Assn172
North Fulton ARL142
Clark County Amateur Radio Club14

New England Club Scores

Yankee Clipper Contest Club632,923,029
Fall River Amateur Radio Club1407,000
The Barnstormers Contest Group1241,101
CTRI Contest Group8226,553
Hampden County Radio Association8186,777
Contoocook Valley Radio Club4141,959
Meriden ARC6107,348
Northeastern University Radio Club1100,852
Fidelity Amateur Radio Club183,232
Merrymeeting Amateur Radio Association251,192
Harvard Wireless Club147,586
Eastern Connecticut Amateur Radio Association130,036
Nashua Area Radio Club124,576
Montachusett ARA123,744
Falmouth ARA423,543
Wireless Society of Southern Maine120,923
Bass Hill Repeater Group115,606
Green Mountain Wireless Society215,428
Augusta ARA112,624
Waterbury Amateur Radio Club212,576
Whitman ARC111,653
Frankford Radio Club211,546
Granite State ARA19,744
Norwood (MA) Amateur Radio Club17,194
Southeast Massachusetts ARA11,332
Wireless Operators of Winsted1752
YO DX Club1432

Activity by County

Fairfield 809 23
Hartford 1311 31
Litchfield  448 16
  Middlesex 382 6
  New Haven 986 36
  New London 664 16
  Tolland 917 9
  Windham 1214 12
  Barnstable 860 26
  Berkshire 1063 10
  Bristol 442 21
  Dukes 637 3
  Essex 357 24
  Franklin 82 5
  Hampden 1167 33
  Hampshire 159 14
  Middlesex 2283 66
  Nantucket 182 2
  Norfolk 1213 23
  Plymouth 506 13
  Suffolk 398 4
  Worcester 1613 33
  Androscoggin 110 10
  Aroostook 111 5
  Cumberland 684 16
  Franklin 41 2
  Hancock 202 4
  Kennebec  207 7
  Knox 45 3
  Lincoln 55 4
  Oxford 278 6
  Penobscot 390 9
  Piscataquis 124 7
  Sagadahoc 48 3
  Somerset 59 2
  Waldo 39 4
  Washington 198 7
  York 127 19
New Hampshire
  Belknap 138 5
  Carroll 325 4
  Cheshire 346 8
  Coos 238 5
  Grafton 433 7
  Hillsborough 1074 30
  Merrimack 498 11
  Rochingham 1267 31
  Strafford 440 12
  Sullivan 471 8
Rhode Island
  Bristol 207 4
  Kent 478 9
  Newport 664 10
  Providence 530 23
  Washington 96 6
  Addison 71 4
  Bennington 450 4
  Caledonia 40 3
  Chittenden 162 12
  Essex 172 4
  Franklin 41 2
  Grand Isle 78 2
  Lamoille 145 5
  Orange 44 4
  Orleans 19 3
  Rutland 201 6
  Washington 43 4
  Windsor 45 3
  Windham 470 2


Digital (Adobe PDF) certificates will be mailed to everyone who made at least 25 QSOs.  If you want a paper certificate, please let us know.   We hope you’ll be back again in 2014 to earn another one!

Plaques and Special Awards

Special plaques have been awarded to these top scorers:

USA – single operator Yankee Clipper Contest Club Paul Newberry, N4PN
USA – single operator low power Dave Sumner, K1ZZ,  in memory of Laci Radnay, W1PL Joel Woods, NA4K
USA – single operator QRP Vern Brownell, W1VB Julius Fazekas, N2WN
USA – single opr(W5-W7-W0) Huckleberry Mountain Contest Club Mark Mills, KI0I
USA – single op high power r(W2-W3-W8-W9) Jim Monahan, K1PX Craig Thompson, K9CT
USA – single opr low power (W2-W3-W8-W9) Whit Carter, K1EO Paul Kirley, W8TM
USA – California/Nevada Calif QSO Party – Northern California Contest Club NX6T (+N6KI, N6ERD, N6CY, K6GO, NA6MB, W2PWS, KD6HYN) 
USA – multi operator – single transmitter Will and Pam Angenent, K6ND/K6NDV Charles Wooten, NF4A
USA – single operator – CW only K1EL Keyers Bert Michaud, N4CW
USA – single operator QRP (AR-LA-MS-TN) Steve Kercel, AA4AK Julius Fazekas,  N2WN
Canada – single operator  high power Chris Terkla, N1XS Ken Dixon, VE3KP
Canada – single operator low power Gerry Hull, W1VE/VE1RM Gary Bartlett,  VE1RGB
Ed Richardson, VE4VT
Canada – single operator – CW only Bud Hippisley, W2RU Gary Bartlett, VE1RGB
DX – single operator Yankee Clipper Contest Club RL3A (Dima Jikharev, RA9USU)
DX – single operator low power Pete Chamalian, W1RM, in memory of John Thompson, W1BIH/PJ9JT Wladyslaw Wdowczyk, SP1AEN
DX – Russia – any category
(min 50 multipliers/200 QSOs)
Dmitri Y Jikharev, N2OW/RA9USU RL3A (Dima Jikharev)
Clean Sweep – Not First, but Furthest Dennis Egan, W1UE Charles Wooten,  NF4A
Golden Log – no errors Jim Spears, N1NK Dima Zaslavsky, UA3AGW
Top Club Florida Contest Group Tennessee Contest Group
New England – single operator Yankee Clipper Contest Club Dave Patton, NN1N
New England – single operator – low power Dave Hoaglin, K1HT Bruce Blain, K1BG
New England – single operator – QRP Blackstone Valley Amateur Radio Club Steve Kercel, AA4AK
New England – mobile Boston Amateur Radio Club Bob Raymond, WA1Z/m
New England – mobile – biggest improvement Bob Raymond, WA1Z Sean Kutzko, KX9X/m
New England – mobile – multi-single Brian Szewczyk, NJ1F, in memory of James Szewczyk, WB1EYM Brian Szewczyk, NJ1F/m (+Tom Homewood, W1TO)
New England – County Expedition Award Huckleberry Mountain Contest Club WB1Z (Jim Mullen, KK1W, Frandy Johnson, N1FJ, Dave Cain, AA1YW, + Matt Wilhelm, W1MSW)
New England – multi-single Wellesley Amateur Radio Society NE1QP (Michael Keane, K1MK, Tom Homewood, W1TO, Brian Szewczyk, NJ1F)
New England – school club Chris Terkla, N1XS Northeastern University RC, W1KBN  (Chuck Councelman, W1HIS, Les Lechowicz, NI1L) 
New England  – single operator – CW only Andy Bodony, K2LE W2FOC (Andy Bodony, K2LE)
New England  – single operator – SSB only Fred Reed, KK1KW, and Woody Beckford,  WW1WW Dale Clement, AF1T
Connecticut – single operator high power Candlewood ARA Dave Patton, NN1N
Connecticut – single operator low power Mikey Mavor, W1MKM, memorial sponsored by the Barnstormers (NZ1U) Mark Mokoski, K1PU
Maine – single operator Merrymeeting ARAAndroscoggin ARCYankee ARCPortland Amateur Wireless Assn Peter Bither, AI1O
Maine – single operator low power Augusta Amateur Radio Assn Tim Watson, KB1HNZ
Massachusetts – single operator Framingham Amateur Radio Association AK1W (Randy Thompson, K5ZD)
Massachusetts – single operator low power Chuck Counselman, W1HIS Bruce Blain, K1BG
Massachusetts – Hampden County – single operator Hampden County Radio Assn Mike Christopher, N1TA
New Hampshire – single operator  Mark Pride, K1RX Gene Shablygin, W3UA
New Hampshire –  single operator low power SILENT Solutions EMC Consulting Tom Poland, N9NC
Rhode Island – single operator  CTRI Contest Group Karl Wherry, K1KX
Vermont – single operator Bob Raymond, WA1Z W2FOC (Andy Bodony, K2LE)
Vermont – single operator low power West River Radio Club Zach Manganello, K1ZK
New England Club Yankee Clipper Contest Club Fall River ARC

If you’d like to sponsor a plaque for 2014, please contact us at info@neqp.org

Special Award

The top USA (non-New England) single operator winner: The Framingham Amateur Radio Association has donated a Lobster dinner for two from Legal Seafood of Boston to the USA single operator (non-New England) winner.  

For 2013 the winner is Paul Newberry, N4PN!

Log checking

The log checking process found some missed dits and dahs. There were 470 logs overall, a 5% increase over 2012, with 451 in electronic format (96%) and only 18 on paper.  

For non-New England stations, cross checking was possible on 17,915 of the 21,375 QSOs reported (83.8%).  Of the  QSOs not allowed (6.6%), the breakdown was as follows:

QSOsReason now allowed
202Callsign incorrect
709QTH incorrect * (most from 7QP stations who didn’t copy the county)
95Not in log
2Bad mode
26Bad band
1Time was outside of contest period
1410Total of QSOs disallowed

For New England stations, cross checking was possible on 26,181 of the 52,107 QSOs reported (50.2%).  Of the 1,923 QSOs not allowed (3.7%), the breakdown was as follows:

QSOsReason now allowed
536 Callsign incorrect
625 QTH incorrect
208 Not in log
0Bad mode
16Bad band
0Time was outside of contest period
1,923Total of QSOs disallowed

Logging Software

Use of N1MM software continues to grow, with a very large margin over Writelog and N3FJP software.  The logs show a wide variety of software versions – you should update your software periodically to get new features and bug fixes.   Quite a number of people used the N1MM module that lets people work the NEQP, 7QP and INQP at the same time.  

Logging software usedEntriesQSOs
N3FJP’s NEQP656,706
TR Log POST3724
WA7BNM Web2Cabrillo9492
RUMped 4364
(14 others)181,078


You can get a real feel for the contest by going through the various “Soapbox” comments from the big guns, the little guns and everyone in betweern.    


Thanks to everyone who made QSOs and to those who sent in logs in 2013.   A lot of people had a good time finding counties and meeting new friends – hope to see you all again in the 2014 contest – May 3rd and 4th!