2017 Soapbox Comments

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Non-New England W/VE stations

K1TN – I’d like better if contest was just one day.

NX1K – Great fun. Good warm up for Field Day.

WA1FCN – This contest is on my to do list every year. A big thanks to the mobiles WA1Z 16 Q’s NZ1U 13 Q’s. A really nice job guys. Sure nice to work my old home areas FAICT HILNH and CUMME

WN1GIV (N4BP) – I lacked motivation for the New England QSO Party this year since my upcoming hip replacement surgery early next week was very much on my mind. To help my concentration, I operated CW only, even though there is no separate CW category. Maybe I’ll at least have the highest out-of-state CW QSO count? :-) I only worked two mobiles this time, but they contributed greatly to my numbers. NZ1U: 26 QSOs, 7 County Mults .Missed ADDVT, CALVT, CHENH, HANME, LITCT, NANME for the sweep. WA1Z: 20 QSOs, 14 County Mults 15M was open to NE especially on Sunday, but few stations took advantage. Most of my QSOs there were in reply to my CQs. Never bothered to listen on 10M. Fun contest, glad I gave it a try.

K2PI – First time really putting in any significant effort in NEQP, but the time was right, given how many New England Stations (esp. K1RO) help us out in the VAQP every year. This was a fantastic contest, and I am heartened to hear so much CW activity on the bands. 40M was the bread and butter band, with some 80 meter activity later at night, with a smattering of backscatter and short-skip contacts on 20M. I think I am going to put in a better and more sustained effort next year. Equipment: K3/KPA500/Dipoles and Inverted-L

K2SX – Good idea to create a common log but a bit confusing. Guess I will just wait to see what my score was. Nice activity level although condx were not great.

NO2D – Computer broke at the start. No N1MM. No Windows. No Linux. Paper log. Many errors. Try to fix computer. Try to make contacts. 4 QSO Parties at once. Mayhem. Great fun. Looking to doing it again next year, hopefully with a new computer. Thanks to all who make it possible.

W2UDT – Only worked the contest Sunday. Had dinner commitments Saturday. 80/40 seemed to be the bands here. CU next year.

K3TW – Band conditions were good for QRP.

K3WA – Thank you for a fun contest. Wish conditions had been better

N3KN – Thanks for another fun contest. One of the things I noticed about the IN, NE, and 7QP in comparison to the Florida and Kansas QSO Parties is that a lot of home stations seemed to be active this weekend. That helps me build up my score, and I like working a lot of different people.

NR3O – First time operating from home finally – great fun!

NF4A – This was the weekend for my 50th high school reunion so I missed all of Saturday and all of Sunday morning. As soon as we returned home after Sunday Brunch at the hotel where the reunion was held, I got on the air but one of my broadcast transmitters decided to act up so I lost another 2 hours of operating time on Sunday afternoon. Just decided to make 100 Q’s since there was no way to get a sweep. Thanks to the mobiles who make ALL QSO parties. Listened on 15 and never heard a peep from anywhere.

K4EDI – I really enjoy the NEQP.

K4EZS – Bands were strange here today but did better than last year.

K4VBM – Enjoyed my 2nd New England QP Contest!

KF4QFJ – Thanks for your organization and promotion of amateur radio activity in the New England States Region! I enjoyed using other modes of contact to make QSOs with our fellow hams.

KJ4LTA – Thanks for the Fun!!

KM4IAJ – Thanks for the opportunity to work some new states and counties.

N4ARO – Special thanks to the Mobiles WA1Z for 9 qso’s, NZ1U-6. They help fill in many needed counties. Always enjoy this contest.

N4PN – Only two mobiles this year – WA1Z & NZ1U, but that was enough… Sweep at 2052UTC on Sunday evening – NZ1U in SUFMA… Thanks to all who came out… Joe, K1JB, only fixed station with 8 Q’s.. Thanks again to Tom, K1KI, for this fun event…

W4LID – Enjoyed the party!

K5TSK – Thanks for all the work you guys do, planning, setting up portables, driving across the states, checking logs, etc. Makes ham radio a little more fun for us old codgers who just want to do something besides sit in a roundtable.

NK5RK – I know it’s only one entry, but if it helps the ham I contacted confirm one of his log entries, then that’s good. I only had a few minutes this weekend to play radio

KB6NU – Thanks for running a great contest!

N6HCN – Great fun, with 20 fairly open – 100W es old TS520S, inv V at 30Ft was reaching most of the NE runners in my lazy 3 hours of operation. W1WEF, W1FJ, ES K1ZE were louder here than the 7s next door. 73!

WA6KHK – Concentrated on 7th Call Area QSO Party this year. hihi.

WA6POZ – first time, had fun

WA6URY – Operated remote from Tokyo, Japan

WQ6X – This was another WQ6X multi-contest event from W7AYT’s QTH in Concord Ca. I ran a Yaesu FT-1000mp into a CH-250 Vertical and a Cobra drooping dipole, often run in parallel for better signal enhancement. Running SO2-V helped up the QSO rate somewhat.

K7HKR – Worked just about all I heard while working other contests

K7QA – First contest using N1MM logging for an old skool paper log and pencil guy. Still working out the kinks but I think I like it.

K7RFW – 20 was dead at my QTH, 80 did not work either, 40 was very good short range for the time I had available. But I did get two QSOs.

K7VIT – This was interesting working 4 QSO Parties with 1 log/logger. Great job by the N1MM+ team — It worked seamlessly, even when one Maine station didn’t include his county. County line operations? Bingo, all QSO’s appeared in the log. I had hoped for more digital QSO’s, but it seems the RTTY Ops were more committed to the ARI International DX contest.

KG7DMI – Thank you again for putting on fun events,

N7VS – Made several contacts with an Elecraft KX3 with 5 watts output. Hope to be back next year.

W8KNO – Only had an hour to play Sunday morning. Thanks to all I worked.

K9CW – Fun contest!

K9UIY – Thanks once again for another party. Special thanks to the mobiles and everyone for copying my QRP 5W. I wish that condx would have been better. C U again next year !

KJ9C/m – Too bad we can’t rework NEQP whenever we change counties like we can in 7QP.

KR9E – I enjoyed working the four QSO parties basically all at once again this year

N9WL – Thanks for putting this on. 73.

WO9B – Thanks for all the stations and the teams that work so hard putting this together.

K0BAK – Operated minivan portable in Delaware, activating two different WWFF parks in Kent County Delaware while participating in the DEQP and the other 3 QPs. Thanks to the organizers of the DEQP, 7QP, INQP, and NEQP.

K0GEO – Congratulations to Tom K1KI and other NE organizers and participants on yet another FB NEQP. Great fun! Saturday seemed to be the key day for action once again; had very little time Sunday. Thanks all, see you next year and 73.

K0OO – Great challenges but bad propagation

N0RET – My contest ended early when thunderstorms entered the area.

W0OR – Surprised to work several strong signals on 80 cw in broad daylight from here in Minnesota in the last hour of the contest. Only worked a few spotty hours on Sunday, but happily there was good participation from all New England states.

WA0IYY – Just finished new CW keying and computer interface.

VE2FK – I may even go /RVing in W1 next year.

VE3KZ – My first time in NEQP. Special thanks to WA1Z and NZ1U.

XO1X (W1VE) – It was amazing to work so many New England 100 watters on 40m! Blew my mind working NZ1U/M with 579 (real) sigs from the mobile on 40. Excellent ears! Good job Jay and crew. The 40 antenna in Yukon is a full-size ground plane with the base at 70 feet and three radials. Only 600w power. That was a fun Saturday. Tag-teamed with Andy at K2LE/1 on Sunday… There ain’t no meters like 40 meters! CW & SSB did not disappoint. Was surprised at lack of activity on 75 Sunday night… but it is spring! Thanks for all the QSOs!

DX stations

CT7AIX – Bad conditions on Sunday, only weak signals coming from NE.

F6EPO – Very happy to participate, but the propagation conditions were only usable at sunrise with a lot of noise. Also not much contact on the 80m

M4J (G0DVJ) – Thanks for organising a fun event.

SP6JOE – Condx were good 06 May, next day very poor. I use 100 w and 1 ele delta loop, plus straight key and my left hand, hi.

TI8/AA8HH – Had major issues with long power outage and associated logger issues. Did not know the logger was goofed up until half hour after power came back on. Propagation seemed fairly decent.

New England stations

AB1DQ – I didn’t have a lot of time to participate, but definitely had a blast this year operating QRP and making both CW and SSB contacts w. 5 watts. Thanks for putting it together – see you in 2018!

AF1T – 10m and 15m were dead, but 20m was productive. I enjoyed the pile-ups from Europe and the Middle East. HZ1BH in Saudi Arabia was running 10 watts. I hope you all enjoyed the contest.

K1ESE – Always fun. Thanks to organizers. Following the format of others, first the *Excuses* – I was sick. Came down with a severe case of vertigo on Wednesday and it persists, although weaker, to this moment. Since I am better now, I will try driving today. What could go wrong? I took a lot of breaks, naps, watched the Derby, ate regular meals, and checked into three traffic nets. Only one S&P QSO on 15 meters to see if the band was open. it really wasn’t. Did eak out that one QSO. All the rest CW and running only. Yes, it is the lazy way to do this but, I may have told you, I was sick. When running it helps to be OXFME. Saturday evening was terrific. 20 meters was strong and had JA’s calling me. 40 meters had tons of string signals. Since conditions were so good, I stopped at 9pm. I now see that was a bad choice. What a difference a day makes. Sunday was rotten. Signals were weak everywhere until about 4pm on 40 meters when things picked up. I quit the contest at 5pm. Add that to my string of poor choices. Only worked 40 and 20 if you don’t count that one QSO on 15. All things considered I felt I did pretty well. Then I saw K1JB’s score on 3830. No Maine plaque for me. However, I will bet anything that Joe wasn’t sick…

K1JB – It’s not often I get a chance to put this much time in, but I always enjoy this contest and with the wet weather, I didn’t have that much else to do. Plus, the operating hours are very reasonable. Conditions were definitely better Saturday evening than earlier and on Sunday. Worked most of what little DX I got during that time. Almost all running except for S&P when looking for a spot to call CQ. Worked all 50 states and all the provinces except NF, LB, NWT and NU. Thanks to Gerry for calling in from XO1X. CW is certainly more productive score wise, but I enjoy working the casual operators on phone. Most of the time they seem to understand that I just want a quick QSO, but occasionally I get one who wants to chat. It’s amazing how many people down south are from or have relatives that live up here in Maine. Of course, the penalty for working the casual operator’s is lots of Dupes. I had one station work me four times in one hour on 20 SSB. But then again, my memory is not that great either. I enjoyed working stations from the other QSO parties as well. I’m indebted to those who explained earlier on this reflector how to log them on N1MM+. There were certainly lots of 7’s, many from Indiana, but only a few from DE (which turned out to be my 50th State Sunday evening.) Thanks as always to K1KI for all his hard work coordinated the QSO Party and also to the mobiles who keep it interesting for those looking for New England QSO’s. And finally, best wishes to K1ESE for a speedy recovery.

K1KA – Despite some family obligations, I had some good chunks of time and was able to run for almost all of it. Maybe too much as I probably missed a few multi. I should have been able to hunt down. Also I couldn¹t get the logging program to send CW and my fist is very bad so all SSB. I know I missed some mults because of that. Activity was very good. I think the multiple QSO parties helped. Thanks Tom for all your efforts.

K1KI – Only operated on Saturday, had too many other distractions on Sunday…Conditions seemed pretty good. Nice to work many friends!

K1LKP – Once again, let me say Thank You for all your hard work to make this event happen year after year… BRAVO …

K1MVY (K2KQ) – Severely antenna challenged. On 20 M, New England stations are mostly not audible, so difficult to find clear spots and be sure.

K1SIG (WA1TE) – We had fun, and are already talking about antenna improvements for next year.

K1SND – Conditions were good, did not have a lot of time to play in the contest but had a great time.

K1SWL – What a blast! Ran QRP on 80/40M using a homebrew rig and a KX3.

K1VWQ – Did the best I could do in the time I had. See you next year! I was off to a very slow start Saturday afternoon, and had some issue getting myself into an “operating groove…” Had fun, overall big thanks to Tom, Bill and the rest of the staff who put this together for us ever year! Equipment This Year Includes: Kenwood TS-590SG @ 100W, MQ-26SR two element Mini Beam/Rohn tower, and my new bencher paddle…

K1WDY – This was my first NEQP, as I just got my General last October. I wanted to make sure Dukes County had a good showing this year so I tried to put in my best effort. I was in the shack for about 4 hours on Saturday and 2 hours on Sunday. This was my first experience trying to hold a frequency and get a run going, and it was very good practice. I made a few PSK qsos early Sunday morning when 7QP was still on which helped. I’m already looking forward to next year.

K1XM – A very part-time effort. One radio, no packet. I decided to put the “ten dollar keyer” on the air. The capacitive input was sensitive to RF on 40 and 80 but I think I’ve got that fixed.

K1ZE – Less than 4 hours op time!

K1ZK – Excellent 40m/80m conditions on Saturday night. Slow going on 20m Sunday, though.

K1ZZ – Busy weekend, op time limited. The overlapping QSO parties worked out pretty well.

KA1VGM – I just tinkered in the contest.

KA1WPM – Very poor conditions at my QTH this year. RFI is bringing me down. At least I logged one QSO with N4PN. It wouldn’t be the NEQP without one contact from him! Now another year to find the RFI.

KB1KMF – Had a great time as always. Maybe next year I will find time to work the entire contest. N1DC – Thanks to Tom and the entire NEQP team for another great event. Glad we had good conditions for the most part. My new ladder line setup for the 80/40 dipoles worked awesome. Tried a little SSB but couldn’t get much going compared to CW. 20M was a little disappointing to EU but great to the USA. Highlights: Breaking my 2014 NOR MA county record by 300 points (I hope it holds up) Calling CQ on 20M CW and working JO7WXN and XO1X back to back. It was an absolute blast ! THANKS FOR ALL THE QSOs !

N1WGU – Had a great time! See you next year.

N1WXQ – Great time and lots of fun.

NE1QP (W1TO) – Conditions weren’t great, but we were able to maintain good rates. Thanks for sponsoring the contest.

NE1RD – Tough going, though I worked Alaska late and he was loud. Stayed on 20m trying to make a single band effort. Probably should have moved to 40m when things dried up. Always fun. Thanks to all who run the contest for their efforts.

– Four members of the Greater Danbury, CT based Candlewood Amateur Radio Association activated W1AW during the New England QSO Party on Sunday, May 7. It’s been a long-standing tradition for CARA members to operate W1AW during the NEQP. A total of 379 contacts were made on 20M. 194 on SSB, and 185 CW in under five hours on the air. The W1AW NEQP claimed score was 29,328 points with 52 multipliers. CARA operators participating included Dan-W1QK, Harlan-W1QH, Marcus-AB1WV (CARA President) and Roger-NG1R. All four are coincidentally also members of the Yankee Clipper Contest Club, YCCC.

“It was both our honor and privilege to have the opportunity to operate again from the ARRL HQ station. I enjoyed the CW operation, and had a fun time on the radio working many CWOps members too. Thanks for all the contacts.” – W1QK. Roger/NG1R, commented that one SSB operator said: “It’s good to hear the Mother Ship” on the air. Marcus/AB1WV said “We had a great time, and were amazed at the pileups. Thanks for your patience as we tried to work everyone who called in.”

The team expresses their thanks to Joe Carcia, NJ1Q, W1AW Station Manager, and Scott Gee, WB9RRU for their hospitality and cooperation in making activation arrangements.W1DYJ – 10 was dead. 15 was bad, only 2 Qs. 20 and 40 OK. 80 was my best band, even though noisy. Spent most of the time on CW, trying to improve my meager skills — they improve, but slowly.

W1EBI – I was away for the weekend but managed to get on for the last few minutes.

W1ECH – Wish I could have been on more!

W1END – Nice to be “it” for a change. Conditions seemed reasonably good.

W1FJ – Starting with a 117hr sucked me in. Had some surprisingly good runs and a lot of fun. Apologies to the weak guys that were in my relatively high noise. thanks to all for the Q’s

W1HS – Sadly, travel and bad conditions conspired against us for this year’s NEQP. I only made 17 QSOs during the 2017 NEQP. All were digital (PSK31) made while operating remotely, with the station located at my shack at home, and me away in Rochester, NY. Several QSOs were made using an iPad operating FLDIGI on my shack computer via remote desktop, the remaining QSOs were made via laptop operating the shack computer remotely. 6 were actually made riding the bus back home from Logan airport Sunday evening. I had attempted to operate my flex-6700 remotely from the hotel late Saturday night, but running barefoot, I was not able to get anyone.

W1JQ – Didn’t have much time to operate; a friend was doing a concert/cabaret Saturday evening, and Judy was in a concert Sunday afternoon. Plus other stuff…Got off to a very slow start on 20, but things got lively eventually, particularly on 40 and 80. And I did make one Q on 15, just for the sake of it. Vermont was the last mult. And NH not long before that. Where were you guys?

W1RM – Put the new gear (K3S and Expert 2K) through its paces. Conditions were not kind.

W1SFR – Thanks for a fun contest!

W1WBB – Ran QRP this year as I did back in 2014… again a very modest effort due to other commitments both days with youth/high school baseball. Managed 3k more points than three years ago (20+ add’l QSOs and 2 add’l mults). Did not seek out DX mults this year (often found in ARI contest) and missed most W5 and W0 states, plus VE4, VE5, VE6, KL7 and KH6 once again (only TX, AR, MO and CO called in from mid-USA!)… all other states were worked. Bands were pretty quiet without storm noise this year but an annoying S-5 line noise was present for me on 20,40 and 80m. Didn’t seem to affect my QSO count though. Only moderately strong sigs on Saturday on 20m from W7-QP stations, but lots of activity! I wish each unique DXCC entity did NOT count as a separate mult in NEQP… this is a domestic QSO party, *not* a DX contest! Time to seriously consider a rule change here. Thanks much to Tom K1KI for his significant efforts each year promoting/supporting NEQP!

W1WIU – WOW ! My 15th. NEQP . Another great weekend of meeting old friends and making new ones. Used Icom 756 Pro 3, AL811H @ 600wts., and a ZS6BKW antenna up 50′. Thanks to gang that works so hard after the event !! Hope to see you all again next year.

WA1Z/m – Unfortunately, we lost part of the log on Sunday. We’re estimating we lost around 180 QSOs, but that’s just a guess. Sigh. The important thing is, we had a blast and we hit all the counties we scheduled thanks to Kurt/W6PH’s expert piloting skills. Bill/K1GQ appears to be a convert and is already making noise about joining us again next year! We’ll have a RAID server installed in the trunk for the log.

WB1ABQ – The last time I officially worked a contest was the Novice Roundup in 1976!WX1S – Unfortunately, this was a very busy weekend for me and I only had 5 hours to participate. It always amazes me how many HAM’s work my state for the firsttime during a QSO party. Glad to help!

WQ2H – Lots of contacts but I had a hard time with New England – Go figure.

W4FEB – I had horrible noise at this location from crackling power lines, but managed to crank out 18 contacts.

WB4SON – Thank you very much for all the hard work that goes into organizing the contest. I had a lot of fun participating.

K6DTT – Had a great time even with the weak band conditions. Operated the Eastport ME station remotely from my home in CA.