2019 Soapbox Comments

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Non-New England W/VE stations

AB2TB – It was my first NE QSO Party participation. It was fun!

Thanks for the fun.

AI4SV/m – I was driving from New Jersey to Maryland, so I stopped off for a couple hours in Delaware to see if I could make any contacts. Conditions were pretty tough, particularly for QRP.

AI6PW – Newbie says: Contesting is very exciting!

K1AUS – Conditions to east coast very poor from my QTH. I heard a few NE stations but only K1ZE heard me well enough to complete the contact. Next year will be better.

K2SX – I had 192 QSOs in 48 counties for 18,432 points. I was very pleased with the large number of three band QSOs (80,40,20) but disappointed by the lack of QSOs on any other bands. Never heard a signal on 15 or (gasp) 10M despite seeing spots for both bands. It’s always nice to work so many old friends from my days in New England.

K3MAW – Just a few contacts, thanks for the contest.

K3ZGA – Swept Area 1 States from Florida. Enjoyed the contest again this year. Unfortunately severe thunderstorms wiped out much of Sunday for me.

K4QS – Thanks for another great NEQP.

K6DAJ – Primary focus was 7QP on Saturday and then NEQP on Sunday for a few hours.

K7JNA – Thanks for running the contest!

K7ZX – I was using a 20 meter EDZ with 2 reflectors aimed east and a 40 meter EDZ broadside north and south erected as an inverted vee, it was hard to snag many of the NE boys. Of course, K1ZZ was overpowering, as always, but his signal is the exception. Hopefully next year will be better for all bands. Unfortunately, my generator stopped running because of low oil, and I missed all the 80 meter nighttime activity! Oh well. Hope to see you next year.

Poor band conditions, so my goal was to make three contacts in each of the participating NE states. It was fun and they other guys were nice to talk to.

K9GX – Was great fun. My primary focus was INQP but having NEQP, 7QP and DEQP running concurrently made it much more interesting.

K0GEO – Yet another greatly enjoyable NEQP, this time from my Colorado station. Rig control was out of order until late in the game; hope the band/mode data are OK! See you next year and 73.

KA3D – Saturday was rough in PA. But we had a fair run on Sunday. Thank You for coordinating this event!

KB5EDR – I really enjoyed the contest and meeting many of the operators

KB8TRH – Bands were not too kind, but had fun anyway.

KF3G – Thank you for the New England QSO Party

KF4QFJ – I enjoyed the contest weekend with New England QSO Party. Thanks to organizers and operators!

KK4BZ – Thanks for the fun.

KK7L – Thanks again for organizing this, I had a blast!

KM4IAJ – I was able to pick up several new counties this year. Thanks for sponsoring the contest.

KV8Q – Played all four QSO parties at the same time and worked a few new counties in the process. I a, always amazed at what 100 watts and my ‘huge’ antenna farm can do.

N3KN – Thanks for sponsoring the contest.

Special thanks to the Mobiles WA1Z for 11QSO’S, NZ1U-9, K1IB-5, and K1KI for 4 QSO’S. they are to thank for many of my multipliers.

N4PN – Mucho fun as always…plenty of activity…thanks to all who made it into log once again…Thanks to Tim, K1KI, for all his hard work. Also, thanks for the sweep..!! Tremendous job with the mobiles – WA1Z, NZ1U, K1IB and K1KI….

– Thanks so much – enjoyed working 31 NEQP stations during the event!

N4UM – Nothing heard on 15M

N5RB – Enjoyed the short amount of time I got to play. Thanks for hosting the party!

– It was fun working New England through the 7QP QRM here!

N9FN -Thanks for the fun!

NO2D – Action seemed pretty darn good for this low point in the sunspot cycle. Always look forward to NEQP. Miss New England. Having lived in Mass for a number of years, the NEQP is one of my most favorite QSO Parties. Ditto the 7 Land QSO Party. Chose not to run QRP this year due to the sunspot cycle. Thanks to who make both of these events possible.

NX1K – Good conditions. 40m antenna gave me some problems.

W2UDT – NIL on 15 and 10m even short skip! 40 and 80M was better Sunday night.

W7CO – Thanks for the QSO Party!!!

W8KNO – Still need two Maine counties for Worked ALL New England

WA1FCN – First Thank you to all the mobiles. Bob/WA1Z you have great ears! The mobiles make the success that the contest is. This event is on my to do list every year. 80 meters was a struggle for me, but 40 and 20 was just fine. 73 Bob

WA6URY – Operated remote from Tokyo, Japan

WB8WKQ – Fun! Worked the INQP on Saturday, so late start. But nearly doubled my last year’s score. Thanks to all!

– I was actually doing a Parks on the Air (POTA) activation while the NE QP was underway.

WN1GIV (N4BP) – Lots of QSOs with mobiles : WA1Z – 23 NZ1U – 21 K1RQ – 9 K1EP – 7 K1IB – 5 K1KI – 3. Of the six stations worked on 15M, most or maybe all were four band QSOs. Too bad more didn’t check 15M. Shut down for thunderstorms for a while both on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. 80M was a struggle with so much QRN. But compared to last year: 2 more QSOs, 4 more counties, 31 less QSOs on 15M

DX stations

DL3DXX – Checked 15m on Sunday several times but nothing heard

M4J (G0DVJ) – great fun – thanks for organising

SP6JOE – No computer, worked from my summer house

TM6M (F1AKK) – 1st time in this QP activity looked ok only qrv Saturday! Tks for qsos

New England stations

AA1ON – Figured I should stay in the chair as long as I could… so I managed to do the full 20 hours for the first time. Things that helped… weekend weather meant no temptation to go outside and clear trees for Tower #2 and wife and son were away for a Cub Scout camping Saturday afternoon – Sunday morning. Great to see so many friends old and new on the bands

AK1W (K5ZD) – Rainy weather outside meant more operating time. Missed first 4 hours and the last hour. Rest of time I was on and off. Worked all 50 states (thanks to KL7SB in AK). Did a bit of DXing to help the mult.

K1DVL – The contest was fun.

K1EIC – Well I did have fun for a little while in NEQP.

K1EP/m – I was a bit tired from Nearfest and got a late start Saturday afternoon. Stayed close to home on Saturday to check out the installation, so the first stop was ESSMA. Things seemed to work, so I went to SUFMA which always seems to be a rare one. Nearing dinner time, I stopped at the famous Bianchi”s Pizza for takeout. I decided to make it an early night as I tried 80M and was having some issues. Plus, I wasn’t fully equipped to run in the dark with proper keyboard lighting. I started out early Sunday and made a trip to LLBean in Maine. After that, I headed to SAGME for some Qs and worked my way south, as I had to be back in MA by about 1PM. Of course I had to make a stop in YORME for some lunch at Flo’s. All in all, more calories than points, but there seemed to be a lot of activity. The DelawareQP got me at first with their exchanges, which seemed to be three letter ones and sometimes five letter ones. I guess Delaware only has something like three counties anyway! To be serious in this contest as a mobile, you really need a driver. Too much time is spent driving between counties, especially if you haven’t carefully set up a plan! I also installed a second HF mount, which really helped band switching. Thanks for all the Qs and finding my weak signal amongst the kilowatts.

K1GQ – Goal #1: Discover and fix bugs in SkookumLogger. Outcome: found one bug relating to dupe detection for rovers. Goal #2: Work WA1Z/m many times. Outcome: 47 QSOs in 22 counties, 3 bands in 3 of them and 2 bands in the other 19 counties. Not easy except on 80m, but doable. I admit that it helps when the operator knows your call; working other mobiles was more difficult and less successful. Ran a bit while waiting for band/county changes but mostly focused on stalking Bob and Kurt.

K1IB/m – Mobile operation, including county line stops for which each QSO counts twice. Did much better than my rookie mobile attempt last year, more than doubling my number of QSOs. Running 100 watts from an FT-897 to a Hustler vertical. Conditions generally not good, including occasional strange noise. This event would be so much more fun if we had propagation on 15 and 10 meters!

K1JB – I always enjoy this contest and this year was no different. Conditions were not great (very few DX multipliers), but the overall rate was high (averaged almost 90 Q/hr). Pileups were not deep, but there was a steady flow of stations calling most of the time I was on. Worked all 50 states and most VE provinces (missed NF, LB, PEI and all the ones to the NW). Even most non-contesters on phone seemed to know that all I wanted was their state, although some included their county. Lots of 7’s, IN and DE stations were on which added to the fun. Called CQ on a dead 15M band and had a brief (3 Q’s) run! Once again, thanks to K1KI for all the work he has done making this a popular contest both in and outside of NE. Just imagine how great this contest would be if we had some sunspots!

K1KA – Only had Saturday available, due to multiple Sunday obligations. Had some good runs though. Thought conditions and activity levels were good considering the Sunspot numbers. Thanks Tom for a well designed and organized event. Thanks all for the Qs.

K1MVY (K1WDY) – We spent a couple of hours Sunday trying to get stations into the logs since we didn’t know of any other planned activity from DUKMA for this year. I wish we would have operated longer, and hopefully we can next year. As always, this is a fun event and we look forward to next year!

K1RCT – After changing my rig to an FT-950, working out the rig control details which took 6+ hours and then finally getting on-air, I worked 46 QSO’s for my first time back in about two + years. Much fun was had working seven-call area that wanted 1 call-area!

K1VWQ – Had to work Sunday… So, Just dabbled… Either way, Worst band conditions for a contest… Ever… .Thanks to the NEQP Staff for putting this event on for another year!

K1ZE – Lost a few contacts when I accidently hit the log off user button with my pinky finger. Twice!! Apologies to the N6 and KB7 who will get a NIL.

K1ZZ – Last year Martin, AA1ON, nosed me out because I was too lazy to put in the time. This year I decided that if I wasn’t going to win it wouldn’t be for that reason. The QSO count will drop a bit because of the multi-county QSOs, especially in 7QP, that will be dupes in NEQP. Lots of fun working them, though.

K2LE – Severely limited by the demise of the big 100 ft tower and its antennas, plus the ACOM amp which kicked the bucket 6 hours before the end of the contest, but still lots of fun. W1VE: As Andy reported, great fun from K2LE/1 in the QSO Party, despite missing a tower and amp troubles. NE Mobiles always a challenge due to geographic issue and 40m being the best band, however, we did ok. SSB activity was very low, but had some good runs Sunday on 20m. Since we were doing tag-team remote, took some time to try a few new things on my operator break: I have a new RS-978, a Chinese copy of the mcHF open-source SDR QRP rig… So, running 10w to an OCF Dipole at 90 feed, fed with 200 feet of feedline, I managed some QSOs:

KA1IOR – I did a lot more running this year than last year, and had a nice surge in the last hour. Mostly fun, mostly minor problems, definitely an improvement. Thinking about exactly how I’ll do next year already.

KC1FOR – This was my first time really actively participating in a QSO party. I had lots of fun!

KV1W – Well, I tried out NEQP. Determined my 30′ flag pole on the coast does NOT play to NE. Only 9 SSB contacts and all the NE ones were weak and difficult. AL and MD were better. On the other hand, the Euro DX on 40 was loud and of course, 20 is great to Euro. So, my fun, with no opportunity for bigger antenna, is mostly Euro and southern states. Thanks for your efforts

N1CEO – This is my first New England QSO Party!

N1DC – Thanks to Tom K1KI and the NEQP team for another great NEQP. My goals this year : Make the NE top 10 in SOLP, beat my 2018 score, work 500 stations, score 70K+ points and work more than 60 multipliers. Making the top 10 will be determined later. I achieved all the other goals and exceeded last year’s score by about 17K points. Conditions were just OK here. Some openings were good with loud stations calling, but there was some deep QSB and QRN making copy difficult at times. Mid-day Sunday things really slowed down. 20M had a lot of spotlight propagation. I had trouble finding and copying NE mobile stations this year. Nice to work a bunch at 7 land and IND stations. 90% running / 10% S&P, 51 state/province mults, 16 DXCC countries, 33 New England Counties. Thanks for all the QSO’s…it was FUN !

N1EP – Great Fun with my new TS-890S!

N1IX – Almost the exact same number of Q’s as last year. A few more mults this year due to some limited propagation to Europe. Many thanks to all for digging my pee weak signal out o the noise.

– Had some off and on fun with some good runs at times. The condx were horrid. If it wasn’t noise , it was rapid QSB. Also, looks like I need to hunt a new RFI source. Thanks to all who worked me and sorry to those I couldn’t quite dig out.

– My 12th New England QSO Party

N1SP – Good to find 20 meters open at times. 40 was main work horse-couldn’t get on 80 so didn’t here many other New England stations. As always fun! As always, thank you for your efforts in making it all happen.

N1TIM – My 1st contest and 1st log submission….More QSOs next time.

N1TRK – I can say that our county Addison County in Vermont has been represented well, with at least 3 stations and 4 operators this year. Both CW and phone were used. We are all members of the local club ACARA. We had a qrp, low and high power station. The qrp and low power stations will enter their own logs. Thank you for all the hard work you do behind the scenes.

NE1B – Exhausted from 2 days at NEAR-Fest, only operated for 1 hour. All equipment (Flex-6500), antennas and software worked well, except for operator error shutting down N1MM+ for one QSO.

NG1M – First Contest from my basement! Yeah for me!!

NJ1T – RTTY in slow CW portion of 40; QSO Killers

NP2GG – Thanks for another good year!

W1AST – I was on it seemed at the wrong time as the bands were bad then. Always a tough weekend for me to get on the radio it seems.

W1CTN – Conditions not the greatest but fun

W1DYJ – My first NEQP from my Harpswell, Maine, QTH and I’m almost embarrassed to report such a low score. Nothing on 10 or 15, only 2 Qs on 20: doesn’t anyone in the rest of NE turn their beams up north? Heard a lot but I was not heard. 80 was fine and 40 was OK too, so I spent most of my time there. Didn’t spend a lot of time — with all the rain we’ve had, I had to spend time outside finally doing our delayed spring cleanup. (There wasn’t much during the day anyway.) I did pick up two of the last four states I need for CW WAS in Maine.
W1EE (W1TSM) – Fun contest

W1HS – Had a great time, but unfortunately another abbreviated NEQP operating schedule for me this year. Returned home after NEAR-Fest and didn’t have any time to operate Saturday night when bands appeared to be in decent condition. I did manage to put in several hours on Sunday, and had a couple of fairly decent runs. Very little S&P for me this year (5) and I only worked 1 NE station (got K1RO a few towns over in the log, twice). I am pretty happy with upgrades I’ve made to the station since NEQP 2018. Improved station automation, and addition of a SteppIR UrbanBeam has made a huge difference.

– About 2 1/2 hours, 150 Qs, 39 mults (5 DX), 11700 points. All CW. Almost all running. 20/40/80; heard nothing on 15. Highlight: having R7NW call me on 80. Lowlight: realizing how much brokenness there is in my station… Seriously: rig control and keying stopped working sometime before this contest season. I haven’t figured out what’s wrong; tried a different microham box, can’t believe it’s a busted USB port on the computer (because i can plug keyboards, mice, etc., into that port and it works fine…). Might be the radio itself (my logger opens the control port before the keyer port). Honestly, I need to replace the computer anyway, but I really don’t want to deal with it, and I only want to debug one problem at a time. (Homebrew logging software with built-in keyer, know it works with Win/XP, don’t want to throw in the complication of an upgrade to Win10.) Only had a decent S antenna for 20; I have to fix the dipole curtain (one of the feeders was snapped off when a tree fell across it in a storm). Shouldn’t be hard, if we have a weekend without rain. Sometime… My 20M quad is fixed on EU, and I didn’t feel like doing much ARI DXing. The 80M vertical was being a pain; the radio’s tuner kept on re-tuning it. I’ve wanted to put my high dipole back up for a LONG time. Maybe it’s finally time to do that. On the other hand, it was nice to know that I could run at 120Q+/hour sending all the CW with my paddle.
W1MJ – Lots of fun!

W1OO (W1HIS+K1ESE) – NEQP is always fun but this was a four-bagger. We put a special state (Maine), a special county (Oxford), and a special call (W1OO) on the air by means of a special station (W1IMD), which we operated remotely from our homes. Remote operation is vulnerable to software glitches, and they cost us a couple of hours, but we prevailed. The 10- and 20-m bands were worthless and 20 m was poor because the SSNe was negative; and 80 m was poor because, on Saturday night, the ionosphere was a turbulent mess. However, 40 m and W1IMD’s MonstER SteppIR at 290-ft height saved the weekend. We thank W1IMD for the use of his station; and we thank K1EU and K1JB of the Down East DX Association for allowing us to use the late Lanny Bailey’s call.

W1QK – Thank you for sponsoring the contest. Please reverse the official exchange order on both the NEQP website and rules to State abbreviation, then County abbreviation to be consistent with 7-QP and INQP and reduce confusion. Thought I’d enter in non-assisted and low power category from my home station in Fairfield County, CT. Had some nice runs on phone this year too. Thanks for the contacts and fun.

W1RMC (K1ZK) – I had an awesome time at the Middlebury College campus. The weather was perfect and the new 40m vertical performed very well. Sunday operation only. Excellent weather and a beautiful day to be QRV from the Middlebury College campus in FN33. New 40m Packtenna antenna this year was a significant improvement for that band.

W1SSN – Rotten work on my part this year. ‘Wait till next year’ rides again.

W1TR – I got on to see if the equipment was still working, and to light up Windham County, CT… rare DX for CT!

W1W (AB1J) – Conditions seemed poor. I did better last year in about the same amount of time.

W1WEF – Planned to op mobile thru a lot of counties on the way home from the Cape, but too much noise and weak signals meant no fun. When I arrived home I fired up the rig and called CQ first on 20 as fresh meat at 4PM. One guy answered, but when he spotted me it was bedlam! What a great pileup. Had the same thing happen on 40 a little later.

W1WIU – Thanks to all the organizers and supporters for another great year! 20 and 40 meters carried the load. Used IC 7600, AL-81H at 500 watts, and a ZS6BKW antenna up 50′. Thanks to all that answered my calls. Hope to see you all again next year.

W2JH – Sorry I couldn’t help more stations include Nantucket County in their logs.

W3AKD – I focused on 7qp instead trying to work all 3 that weekend. As a result I did much better than last year. Next year I plan focus on NE party… all the best

WA1SAY – Thanks for QSO party, had lots of fun and can’t wait for next year.

WA1VAB – My first time out, great fun, 2020 I’ll go all out! Bands were terrible until 80m in evening.

WQ2H – Thank you folks – see you next year!