Setting up N1MM+ for the NEQP

Most stations from outside of New England should choose Log Type: QSOPARTY on the initial set-up screen for a new contest. Then go to the Log type for QSO Party: field on the right side and choose IN7QPNE. This will allow you to make QSOs with any of the four QSO parties (New England, 7th Call Area, Indiana and Delaware.

Stations in New England should choose rty: NEWE and you’ll be able log QSOs with everyone but will calculate the NEQP score. (Don’t pick NE because that one is for the Nebraska QP in April.)

Stations from Indiana, pick IN, from Delaware pick DE, and from the 7th Call Area, pick 7QP in Log type for QSO Party:.

If you use the IN7QPNE module in N1MM+, you will want to use the utility that will generate 4 separate files which can be submitted to each sponsor. (If you don’t use this utility, each sponsor will still take your combined file.) Another advantage is that the utility will generate a claimed score for each contest.

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