Using Digital Modes

Several questions have come up related to digital modes. You can work the same station on CW, SSB and digital modes on each band. CW and digital modes are two points per QSO, SSB is one.

It appears that you can not configure WSJT/FT8/FT4 for use in the NEQP. It is not possible to put the full exchange in the transmitted report, or receive it either. For New England stations you have to send county-state and receive the same from other New England stations. NE stations have to receive state/province from W/VE stations outside of NE.

Those exchanges have to take place during the contest, you can’t look it up afterwards.

This is why the 7QP does not allow WSJT/FT8/FT4 QSOs at all, and may be a rule change for the NEQP in the future. You can use other digital modes like RTTY and keyboard-to-keyboard digital protocols as long as the correct exchange information is sent/copied.

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